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Ask the Sharks: Rob Blake

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks
On Friday morning after beating his former team, the Los Angeles Kings, Sharks defenseman Rob Blake sat down with and answered the best questions we received for his segment of "Ask the Sharks".

Below are his responses to your best questions:

1. What got you interested in playing ice hockey? - Nikhil Mehta
I grew up on a farm so we had a couple ponds that would freeze over. I had an older brother that played so it was kind of a natural thing to go skating at a young age. That’s basically how it started.

2. The Sharks have had a great season so far. In your mind, though, what areas do you think the team needs to strengthen heading into the playoffs? – John Little
Probably holding a competitive level for sixty minutes. There’s times when we have a two or three goal lead and we tend to sit back and let teams come back into the game. In the playoffs that won’t happen. But that is definitely something we can work on down the stretch.

3. How has your experience been playing for the first season with the San Jose Sharks after playing for the LA Kings for 12 seasons? – Daniela
It’s been good. The organization itself is very committed. I could tell that from the summer on. The feeling with the guys is that you only get this opportunity once in a while and you have to take advantage of it.

4. What is it like to have played on both sides of the Sharks/Kings rivalry and how do the two teams approach it differently? – Kenny Robertson

It’s much easier coming in this building on this side of it. It’s good. I think it’s the Northern California and Southern California rivalry and you can tell when the teams meet in meaningful games in the playoffs, it will increase more.

5. Have you had a chance to go surfing up here? - Jeff Vonasek

I haven’t. I’ve been down to Santa Cruz, but I haven’t had time to surf. I wasn’t around this area over the All-Star break but I’ll be able to get there soon.

6. Will you still live in Southern California after you retire? – Marge Parker

I don’t know. I would have thought that a few years ago, but that might change. My wife and her family are around there. I think we’ll always keep a place down in Southern California, but I don’t know if we’ll be there full time.

7. What was it like working with Mike Myers in The Love Guru? – Anna M.
He is a pretty interesting guy. I’ve known him for about ten years or so, but the day that we did the shoot for that movie was really quick, he was only in and out there. But yea, definitely a very interesting guy.

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