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Ask the Sharks: Pavelski's Answers

by Carrie Carstens / San Jose Sharks
Two weeks ago, Joe Pavelski’s life changed dramatically when he and his wife Sarah welcomed their first son, Nathan Joseph. Since then, Pavelski says every time he comes home to see his son, he feels like a kid on Christmas morning.

In this week’s installment of “Ask the Sharks,” Joe talks about how it feels to be a new dad. He also explains how he manages to improve his game each season and when he first realized he had a shot at playing in the NHL.

Pavelski reveals what his favorite nickname is and everything else you wanted to know in the answers below in this week’s “Ask the Sharks.”

1.After last year’s playoffs you became known as "The Big Pavelski" obviously a reference to "The Big Lebowski". Are you a fan of the movie? – Stew
I like it, it’s a good movie. I enjoy watching it and it’s a fun name.

2.Out of all your nicknames, which one is your favorite? – Steve
I guess “The Big Pavelski” is my favorite.

3.Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your first son! While its a few years away, when do you plan on getting him started playing hockey? – Steve
Who knows exactly, but it will probably be a while. He’s going to have to learn how to skate and he’s got to learn how to walk first. We’ll see, it’s up to him whether he wants to play or not, but I’m sure he’ll play.

4.How has it been balancing hockey and daddy life? - Natasha
It’s been fun. Daddy life has been amazing. Every time I leave and come back I’m just excited to see him. It’s almost like Christmas. I’m excited to see what’s new and see how he’s changed a little bit. On that four-day road trip he had already gotten a lot stronger. He picks his head up and holds it there. It’s fun to watch him change so much.

5.If you were to play any other contact sport, what would it be? – Chris
I’d probably be a running back on a football team.

6.If you got a chance to go to any event or to see any popstar who or what would it be? - Carissa
The best concert I’ve been to is Kenny Chesney. Yeah, I’d say Kenny Chesney.

7.Since joining the Sharks, you have managed to improve your game year after year. What parts of your game do you focus on most during the off-season? –Chris
I think just trying to get stronger, that’s the biggest one. Over the last couple years I’ve tried to work on my skating but as I become stronger, I think my skating has developed on its own as well.

8.Joe, watching you play high school hockey in Wisconsin, we all figured you would make the NHL someday. When did you realize you were going to make it? – Drew
I don’t think it was in high school, because my skating wasn’t that strong. After the second year of college, once I’d signed that first pro contract. That’s when I first felt I had a chance. You don’t really know if the level you’re playing at in college is going to be high enough, or if you’re going to be able to raise your game to another level. So I’d have to say when I singed that first contract.

9.What advice that you received as a youngster (from a teacher, coach, etc) has stuck with you and has become part of your amazing hockey work ethic? – Norma
Try to figure out your foundation and what you’re good at, and trust what you’re good at. Have a strong foundation and play to your strengths. If you’re smart, use it to your advantage and shoot the puck well.

10.How is the fishing in San Jose? – Scott
I haven’t really had the chance to go fishing outside of San Jose. Obviously, in the city there are limited amounts of fishing. I’ve heard there is pretty good fishing in the area though.

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