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Ask the Sharks: Murray's Answers

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks
Since being drafted by the Sharks in the 1999 NHL Draft, defenseman Douglas Murray has asserted a physical style of play along the blue line. Eclipsing 300 games this past November, Murray consistently ranks near the team lead with hits and blocked shots. The native of Bromma, Sweden, who represented his country in the 2010 Winter Olympics, is not all brawn, as he was named by The Sporting News as one of professional sports smartest athletes.

You were given the chance and asked the veteran d-man about being named to that list. You were also curious about how Murray’s teammates feel about his cooking. His answers to those questions, plus more, are in the latest segment of Ask the Sharks.

1. What's the most weight you have ever lifted? And what is your focus when you are working out? –Marcus
The most weight I’ve ever lifted… I have no idea. But, my focus when I am working out is on muscles that are going to help my quickness.

2. We've heard about how much you enjoy cooking. Have you ever cooked for any of your teammates? What do they think of your cooking? -Catherine
I’ve cooked for many of my teammates. They are nice to me. They say it’s good.

3. What do you think of being named one of the smartest professional athletes? Does it add any pressure to you? -Sarah
Absolutely not. It’s probably more of a resume thing, than anything else. It’s fun, but I take it for what it is.

4. So many players in the NHL have specific reasons for choosing their numbers. Did you choose #3, and if so, why? -Mary
I got to choose it. It was my grandpa’s number.

5. If you were you stuck in an elevator, who would you rather be stuck in there with, Randy Hahn or Drew Remenda? Why? –Tim
I like to debate and discuss things with Drew. I like being a little bit of a devil’s advocate. He’s easy to get going. I’d have a little discussion with Drew.

6. When you fight, is it usually out of anger, boredom, or do you just want to shake things up? Fight More!!! -Karen
Usually, it’s for the team; to get the team going. Sometimes you respond because somebody’s coming after you or you’re trying to get the guys going or you’re trying to quiet down their guys a little bit.

7. I've noticed you've worked a lot on your skating and passing skills since last season, and you're probably playing the best defense on the team right now. What aspect of your game were the most difficult for you to improve? -Noah
Early on in my career it was my skating. Later on, I would say it’s been more poise with the puck.

8. After you have a hard workout or practice, what do you like to eat when you get home? -Marko
It depends what mood I am in. I’m a very moody eater. It’s always different.

9. What does it feel like to follow in your grandfather’s footsteps as a hockey player? -Katie
You get more recognition because of your heritage. I never had a problem being lost as ‘just another player’. I’ve always got a little bit of a spotlight on me. As far as that goes, it makes it a little easier to have a relative who has played. But, I’ve never had a problem as far as too much pressure to succeed. I think it’s more of a positive than anything else. It might be easier too; when it’s your grandfather and not your father.

10. Hallå där Douglas, ville bara fråga hur det känns nu att ni fått Nicklas Wallin i laget som då också är svensk och om du kommer att spela Hockey VM om chansen dyker upp? -Marcus
Yes, it’s great to have Wally on the team. It’s great to have another Swede on the team. It’s always nice to have somebody from the same background. It’s tough to find a better guy than Wally. I hope that I never get the chance to play in the World Championships; because that means that we’re not doing our thing here. But, if the chance appears, I would go play.

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