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Ask the Sharks: McGinn's Answers

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks

Jamie McGinn has collected some serious frequent flier miles this season.

Since October, the 21-year-old has been recalled by the Sharks 10 times, meaning he’s been on 20 cross-country flights totaling more than 3,000 miles each. That adds up to about 60,000 miles, or according to McGinn, the equivalent of three trips to Australia and back.

But the travel has been worth it for the 6-foot, 195 pound native of Fergus, Ontario. He’s been given the opportunity to play in 43 games with the Sharks this season and has scored seven goals and one assist. In his other home --- on the other side of the United States --- he’s done even better, scoring seven goals with 14 assists in 27 games with the American Hockey League’s Worcester Sharks.

Even after all the back and forth, McGinn has maintained a great attitude about his commute. Find out how he’s managed to maintain his friendships with the guys, what he does to stay occupied on his lengthy flights and where he plans to relax this summer in this segment of “Ask the Sharks.”

1.Are you still able to bond with the team even though you’ve been on the “Worcester Shuttle” so many times? – Sarah

McGinn: Yeah, it hasn’t been too tough. We have a really special group this year and it’s kind of nice. Everyone’s easy to get along with, really easy to talk to, so whenever I’m here it’s like I never left. It’s nice that way.

2.How many air miles have you earned this season? – Pietro Brezzo
McGinn: I don’t know. I did an interview in Worcester and they told me I’ve flown the equivalent of going to Australia and back three times. I get to keep the miles for some of the airlines, but not all of them.

3.What’s your favorite way to pass the time on long flights? – Pietro Brezzo

McGinn: The flight back East is shorter and easier except in December and January because of the weather. I always make sure I have my iPod. And on some flights, you have access to the Internet so I bring my laptop and surf. I’ll tell my buddies I have long flight coming up and they’ll keep me occupied online. Sometimes I’ll watch movies but it’s got to be on flights where they have the TVs in the head rest, otherwise you have to watch from far away.

4.A lot of the Sharks play golf when they’re not playing hockey. What do you like to do? – Soleil
McGinn: I love golf. Its great but I don’t have any clubs here so I spend my time catching up on rest when we get more free time. But we’re worrying about hockey right now. Golf is for the summer. I’ll play four times a week because I live close to a golf course. It’s just a summer thing, though. I work out in the morning and what are you going to do the rest of the day? We don’t have hockey. So I work out hard, get in a meal then play some golf.

5.Who do you hang out with most on the team? – Soleil
McGinn: I’d say Brad Staubitz. We played together in Ottawa (67s0 for half a year. He got traded there so we have that bond and we’ve known each other for awhile. But some days I might go see Torrey (Mitchell), or Seto (Devin Setoguchi) or Clowey (Ryane Clowe), it doesn’t really matter because everyone’s really easy to get along with. And Leachy (Jay Leach), he’s getting close with me and Staubie so we had a Wii bowling tournament one day. Staubie won. I don’t know how (laughing). There were some questionable strikes. But it was fun.

6.Where are you going in the offseason? – Heather
McGinn: Home in Fergus, Ontario. My parent’s house is on the outskirts of Fergus and I bought property on the water. So I’m planning to just work out and put my feet up on the water. I just like that feeling because I’m a country guy.

7.Do you know how to cook?
- Kyle
McGinn: I do. But the good thing is my parent’s house is five minutes away. So if I have no food or I’m just too lazy I stop in there. I’ve only seen them once or twice this year so they’re happy to see me. And I have two younger brothers so I get dosages of that family thing.

8.What’s your favorite TV show?
- Spencer
McGinn: I really like “The Office.” It’s really funny. It’s something that you either love it or you hate it because it’s a different sense of humor. But Michael, Dwight and Jim, they’re all hilarious. I’m not really up to date, though. It’s tough when you’re travelling so whenever it’s on TV I’ll watch it, but it’s always just random episodes.

9.Is it a relief knowing you won’t have to fly back to Worcester for awhile? - Katie
McGinn: Yeah. But there’s still a lot of pressure because I still have to perform every day. But my plan is just to prove that I belong and that I don’t want to go anywhere and to help the team win and contribute through the third and fourth lines and just be tough to play against. But it’s a nice feeling that hopefully I won’t have to do those long trips on the commercial flights because it takes a toll after awhile. I’m just happy to be here.
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