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Ask the Sharks: Ferriero's Answers

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks
On Friday following his morning skate, Sharks rookie Benn Ferriero sat down with for his segment of  "Ask the Sharks".

Below are his answers to your bets questions:

1.How did it feel to score your first career NHL goal? What was going through your mind when you scored it? – Stephen
It felt great. I mean first goal of the game, second game of the year, get the team off to a good start and the night before we didn’t start out so well so it was a good start going there.

2.Has any veteran player taken you "under his wing" during the first month of the season and shown you the ropes of the NHL? – Drew
Just all of the veterans who’ve been here and been through it before. Training camp is obviously tough. I was pretty star struck coming into a team like this so it’s nice when you get a bunch of good guys out there.

3.How does playing with All-Stars (Dany Heatley, Patrick Marleau, and Joe Thornton) affect your confidence as a rookie? – Kody
It doesn’t affect my confidence it just brings my game up. I mean you’ve got to be on your stuff every single night and it just makes you a better player all around.

4.What team and/or player have you been looking forward to playing against? – Carly
The Bruins. I'm from Boston and I've always been a Bruins fan growing up so it will be a good time.

5.Who is the most skilled player you have played with or against so far? – Becky
You don’t have to look far from the team, you’ve got Marleau, Heatley and Thornton all on the same team so those guys are pretty skilled.

6.How were you informed you were on the opening night roster? – Gail

Coach called me into his office said I got to play and we went from there.

7.What is the difference between collegiate training camp at Boston College and training camp here in San Jose? – Rose

Just about everything. The speed, skill, every single thing is amped up from college.

8.What was the biggest difference between playing in college at BC and playing in the NHL for the Sharks? What aspect of your games do you think you need to work on the most? – Laura
Just getting faster and stronger. Like I said before, the speed and skill of every player is just up a lot more than in college.

9.The college guys seem to be able to jump in right away - guys like Toews, Gilroy (NYR), our own Torrey Mitchell, and yourself. How do you see that? – Rozen
The guys are a little bit older coming out of college and getting in the weight room more than in Juniors. Those are just the two majors things that I see.

10.Why is your last name pronounced "Feh-ree-oh" and not "Feh-ree-eh-roh"? I've always been curious as to why the second "r" is not pronounced. – Jennifer
That’s just how the name is. There is no really story behind it, just that you just don’t pronounce the r and you get Ferriero.

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