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Ask the Sharks: Demers' Answers

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks
At 22 years of age, defenseman Jason Demers entered his second NHL season as one of the youngest players on the Sharks roster. Already in his career, he has played in 75 regular season games in addition to another 15 pressure-filled playoff matches from last season’s extensive postseason run.

Yet, through all of his advanced maturation, Demers continues to balance reliable play on the blueline with an uplifting personality that he rarely hides. Sometimes those two sides of the player are not as available to the fans, so with the latest installment of Ask the Sharks you were given the access and Demers took his time to answer your best questions, providing proper insight to who he is on and off the ice.

1. Being one of the younger players on the team, who do you look up to the most for guidance and leadership within the club? –Samuel
There are so many guys who I look up to in this dressing room. Last year, it was (Rob) Blake. He was someone you want to model after. Now that he’s gone, someone I try to model my game after is Dan Boyle. He’s one of the older guys who I look up the most to on the team. I look to him for help if I ever need it.

2. What is the last thing you played on your iPod? –Helen
The Band Perry , “If I Die Young”

3. Who is your favorite Sharks teammate and why? –Christine
I live with (Torrey) Mitchell and (Devin) Setoguchi, so they are two. But, best teammate would have to be Huskins, that’s for sure. We get along. We’re roommates on the road. We play together too. We’ve developed a pretty good bond with one another. It’s got to be Husky.

4. Does your roommate do anything you can’t stand? –Soleil
I’m usually the one who talks in my sleep, so I probably annoy (Huskins). He hogs the bathroom sometimes.

5. I have noticed that you’re the last man to leave after practice. In the past, you’ve also picked up all the pucks before you’ve left. Is that your job? –Takeko
It sort of goes in a pecking order, with pucks and all of that. I always like hanging out on the ice. I love the game. I always like to mess around at the end of practice and have fun out there when everyone’s gone because it’s a game in the end. I try to keep my head above water sometimes so I’ll just go out there and shoot pucks and try little moves that I wouldn’t try in a game but are fun in practice.

6. What is your favorite movie line? -Tom
“King Argotron be damned, we fight with you!” from Role Models.

7. Do you guys like playing games in the afternoon versus at night? What are the differences? –Gilbert
For sure night games are better. Everybody can get their nap in. We sort of have a routine built up. It’s tough when that gets mixed up a little bit. But, I kind of like the afternoon games a little bit. You get up and eat breakfast, then you’re right off to the rink and there’s not as much waiting.

8. As a rookie, you said that your favorite wine was Merlot. Have you had a chance to sample any of the fine California Merlots yet? If so, what did you think? -Mark
I don’t know if it’s a Merlot, but I’ve tried Silver Oak. It’s something that Seto showed me. It’s probably one of the best I’ve tasted. I’m not a huge connoisseur on wine. I’ll usually have the house Merlot when I get to the restaurant. But Silver Oak is probably the best California I’ve tried.

9. What is one 'secret' fact that nobody else knows about you? –Norma
I’m a dancer. But nobody ask me to dance on the spot. I don’t like to do that.

10. Has anybody every told you that you looked like Andy Samberg from the Lonely Island? –Chris
I’ve heard that before. We didn’t have enough time for Halloween, but I was going to dress up like Hot Rod. But I’ve gotten that a lot before with the hair and other features I have.

11. When you go out to eat, how much do you tip the waiter? -Josh
Twenty percent, always.

12. How much attention do you pay to the clock when you're on the ice? Do you keep an eye on it, or play until you hear the horn? -Garrett and Katrina
I watch it a lot. As a D-man you always want to know what time of the game you’re in. Sometimes you have to adjust your game accordingly. If we’re up a goal and there is two minutes left, I’m not going to try and go end-to-end. You have to take a quick look to see how much time you have if you’re going on at the last minute. You can sort of gage in your head when to go and when not to go.
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