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Ask the Sharks: Couture's Answers

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks

Shuttling back and forth between Worcester and San Jose would be tough on anyone.

But for 21-year-old rookie Logan Couture, the constant cross-country flights have ended at the perfect time. After playing in 42 games for the Worcester Sharks, where he amassed 53 points (20 goals, 33 assists), Couture was recalled to San Jose on March 18 for the final time this season.

Couture, the Sharks first round draft pick in 2007, was chosen for this segment of “Ask the Sharks” where fans wanted to know exactly what it’s like being a rookie on the Sharks.

Read more to find out how the young Sharks forward felt after scoring his first NHL goal, who his hockey idols were growing up and how he really feels about being called “Juicy” Couture.

1.) What was the most important thing you learned through your experiences with Worcester and your time here in the pros in San Jose? – Sean
Coming up here, what I've learned is you have to make every shift count everytime you're on the ice. You may not get tons of ice time so you have to make the most out of it.  In Worcester, I played all situations down there. Power play, penalty kill.  It was good to experience everything there.  I learned alot about pro hockey there and tried to bring it out here with me.

2.) How exciting is it to be playing for one of the top NHL teams your rookie year and what role do you think you'll bring to the playoffs?
– Noe
Im real excited. I always watched the Stanley Cup playoffs as a kid and always dreamed of playing so to get the chance on a team like this with the talent we have here, we should be able to do something special. Ill just try to do whatever I can for the team, bring energy, score a goal. Just whatever I can.

3.) Have any of the guys on the team pulled any rookie pranks on you this season?
– Ryan
Not on me really. I saw Ginner (McGinn) wind up with hard-boiled eggs in his laptop bag the other day. I haven’t been here all year so that’s really the only one I’ve seen.

4.) What was it like scoring your first NHL goal? – Allison
It was awesome. I actually scored it in Detroit which is actually close to my hometown so I had some family and friends there which made it more exciting. It was just really special. As soon as I saw it hit the back of the net it was just pure happiness.

5.) Who do you room with on road trips and have you learned anything from that person to help improve your game?
– Noah
Staubie (Brad Staubitz) on this last road trip. But since I’ve been here I’ve kinda been all over the place, roomed with lots of guys, so its not like I had a lot more time with one person.

6.) How do you feel about Drew Remenda's nickname for you: Logan "Juicy" Couture?
I’ve heard that one before. It’s pretty creative. I remember when I first saw it, I was in Grade 10 and I saw a girl walking around with a shirt saying “Juicy Couture” and it was the first time I heard about it, and I think it’s pretty funny. Mike Aldrich, our equipment manager, started calling me that awhile ago. I have a lot of different nicknames.

7.) What was it like to skate through the Sharks head at HP Pavilion for the first time?
– Orlando
Walking through the Shark head was a cool feeling. It’s pretty similar to the time I scored my first goal. It’s exciting to have 17,000 people standing up cheering for you.

8.) Growing up as a hockey player, who was your idol and you try to play the game as he did?
– Alfredo
That’s a tough one. I was a big Buffalo Sabres fan, so I like Mike Peca and Pat Lafontaine. I can’t say I’ve tried to be like any certain player; I’d rather just be myself.

9.) In your opinion, who on the team will grow the best playoff beard?
– Jenny
Probably Jumbo (Joe Thornton) because he has got some experience.

What, if any, are your superstitious rituals before a game? Do you keep track of their effectiveness? – Dan
I always put my left skate on first. It’s just my routine and it makes me feel comfortable, so I haven’t changed it up.

by Emily Wirt

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