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Ask the Sharks: Boyle's Answers

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks

1.How does winning the gold medal compare to how it felt when you won The Cup with the Lightning? – Sam

It’s definitely different. I think for me, the dream was always winning The Cup so that’s the more important one in my heart. But for 33 million Canadians I think the gold medal is pretty special. It’s one of those things where it’s more about them than it is about me --- as far as the old medal --- where as The Cup is more about me and my dream. It’s a personal dream versus a country’s dream.

2.How did playing with Crosby, Nash, or Toews compare to playing with Marleau, Thornton or Heatley? – Janice
That whole team, everyone’s an all world player. Certainly everyone plays a little differently, but everyone’s smart so it’s really not that different.

3.What did you say to Pavelski after the gold medal game? – Stephen
We didn’t talk about the hit during the game. We just shook hands at the line-up and said, “see you Tuesday.” I was joking that I didn’t feel bad for him, but I know it’s tough. He’s a good player and he played well.

4.How do you feel after winning a gold medal and returning to the regular season race to the playoffs? – Benjamin
Our last game was one of those tough mental and physical games that I had to fight my way through, but I think tonight (against Montreal) should be more back to normal. I was saying that we have to finish the season strong as opposed to the way we did last year; hopefully that’s a lesson learned there.

5.What did you learn from being partnered with Chris Pronger? – Matt

Just kind of the calmness that some of the veteran guys had, which I guess includes myself down the stretch. We got the job done and it wasn’t always pretty but we had the poise and the confidence.

6.Who was one of the best or most interesting athletes you met at the village? – Rosa
Douglas Murray, hockey player for Sweden (laughing).

7.Where will you keep your gold medal? – Brooke
I have a nice little office with a bunch of memorabilia so I’ll probably try to find a nice little plaque for it. But it’ll probably go in there with all of my “stuff”.

8.What were the most inspiring and most challenging things for you about the Olympic Games? – Teena
Inspiring was just seeing the other athletes in other sports. We’re very fortunate so we get to do this for a living. But there are other guys who can’t make a career out of their sport. So it was nice to see some of those people obtain those lifelong dreams and then have to go back to work, so they’re pretty inspiring. Challenging was just dealing with the pressure in the building and walking around the streets. I’ve never felt that before. I’ve never felt 33 million people on my shoulders.

9.What is your favorite thing about living in the bay area? – Sara
It’s hard to go against the weather, the weather is awesome. I came from Tampa where the weather is pretty good, but I still think the weather here is pretty amazing so it’s hard to beat.

10.What are your hobbies outside of hockey? – Marty

Like 90% of the guys here I love to play golf. And I’m really, really into music. I can’t play anything, I’ve said it before, I can’t play anything worth a lick, but I actually love going to concerts and I love the music industry.
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