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Ask the Sharks: Boucher's Answers

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks
Following the Sharks morning skate on Tuesday, backup goaltender Brian Boucher sat down with and answered the best questions we recieved for his Ask the Sharks segment.

1. You and Nabby seem to have quite different styles. Do you guys exchange tips, tricks and general ideas at all, or do you just let each other play and grow in your own way? -Bettina Sohst
For the most part, we just let each other play in our own way. But certainly when you play with another guy and you see something works then you try to incorporate it into your game. Sometimes you pick the other guy’s brain and see what he’s thinking in a certain situation. You’re always trying to get better so it’s always good to lean on other people.

San Jose Sharks goaltender Brian Boucher
2. A lot of backup goalies get heckled on the road while watching the game. What's the most interesting experience you've had on the road? - Mikaela Rear
Oddly enough the worst heckling I ever got was in Philadelphia as a Flyer from my home crowd. You expect it on the road so it’s really not a big deal, you just block it out. But when you get it at home, it’s kind of a shock. They’re a tough sports town so they voice their displeasure. They said things like, “stop the puck” and “wake up” and probably some things you can’t put on the website.

3. Are Torrey (Mitchell) and (Devin) Setoguchi as "cute" together in real life as they appear to be in his blog? – Dan

I’ve never read the blog to be quite honest with you. But yes, they are awfully adorable in person.

4. How hard is it to keep your head ready for games as a backup? – Elaina
It can be difficult sometimes. If you haven’t played in a while you have a tendency to just assume that you’re not going to play. But it’s important that you try to stay as sharp as possible and prepare the same way you would if you were playing just in case something does happen. It’s a mind game that you’ve got to battle with, but you’re professional and you’re expected to prepare either way.

5. What determines which teams you will start against and how much of that decision is yours? – Liliana Aranda

None of it’s my decision. And I don’t know what the determining factor is. That’s a question for the coaching staff. They’re the ones that designate which games we play so you just prepare everyday as if you are going to play and just see what happens.

6. What is your pregame ritual? – Casey Espinosa
Usually from here I usually go eat lunch and then take a nap. It’s pretty much the same routine all the time.

San Jose Sharks goalie Brian Boucher (33) blocks a shot during the first period of their NHL hockey game against the Los Angeles Kings. Sunday, Oct. 12, 2008
7. What was your greatest memory as a young goalie? – Tony Watters
Probably my biggest thrill was playing for the United States in two World Junior Championships and an Under 18 tournament. That’s probably the pinnacle of my career before turning pro. To represent my country was pretty cool.

9. Where did you get the inspiration for the paint job on your mask? – Ben Perrault
I just give it to the painter who works at ITECH and he comes up with something. I’m not all that creative when it comes to art.

10. How does it feel to have your first two games of the season for the Sharks as two shutouts? - Maynard Cabebe

It’s a nice feeling. You don’t go into every game thinking you’re going to get a shutout. You just go in there and try to compete and give your team a chance. Fortunately for me this year has gone pretty well and it’s pretty nice to go through the first month and not give up a goal.

11. I’ve read you want to revolutionize the goal celebration. How so? - Tom
It’s kind of a joke actually. We did some brainstorming last year at the end of the year on an RV trip to Vegas with the boys. We were thinking hockey doesn’t get much play on ESPN and the national scene in the States - I don’t know how we can grab people’s attention - maybe we can come up with some line celebrations. Maybe we could choreograph some dance moves and stuff like that.

It was more of a joke than anything. I see Tom Holy is hard at work putting stuff in the Game Notes. I’ve had a lot of questions about it so I might as well run with it. I mean it would be pretty cool if people actually did stuff that got people’s attention on TV, even though it wouldn’t be the right attention, it would probably be pretty cool.

How about when we score, the back up goaltender comes jumping off the bench and does a back spin or something like that on the ice? And everyone circles around banging their sticks on the ice? Maybe I’ll try it tonight.

Check back on Friday to see the next Shark who will be featured on our weekly segment of Ask the Sharks.
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