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A Hall Of Fame Hockey Mom

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks

Being that this is my first hockey article written and placed on the website for all to see I thought it fitting to write about my personal vote to the Hall of Fame.  Much work goes into encouraging a boy to face the 30 below wind chill for a Squirt game at 6 a.m. on a Saturday, even more effort is needed when that boy turns 16 and is discovering the world outside the rink.


I was told to, "Write what you want, maybe something personal, or give your take on some recent news in the hockey world."  As I read through some of the past articles, my mind raced back and forth for possible topics; a player that influenced me the most or maybe one of the future Hall of Famer's that we will never get a chance to see skate again.  In the end, my mind kept coming full circle to my mom.


I grew up with three older sisters and two younger brothers.  Being the oldest son during a time when my father was working his butt off, I went everywhere with my sisters. My mom also signed me up for most all of the activities my sisters were doing at the time. Gymnastics, tumbling, dance, art - you name it and I did it.  Although I could have done without the tights, I came to understand at an early age what my mom said was true--there were more things to life than a game or a sport.


When as a full time mom she went back to college at 30 years old, she showed me that no matter what situation you find yourself in, goals can be set, actions taken, and success, or at least satisfaction, could be reached. My mother has two kids that are successful attorneys, a published writer, a former pro athlete, two scholarship athletes, 15 grandkids, one great grand kid, a marriage closing on 50 years with my father-a feat in and of itself - and a multitude of friends and extended family who admire and love her.  Her family is a direct reflection of who she is.


She helped many of my friends attain both scholastic and athletic scholarship money via the Career Center she volunteered at in my high school. She also founded a preschool in Cedarburg, Wisconsin that is still there today.  She was named Mrs. Wisconsin and I can remember seeing her on TV back in . . . better not list that date. 


When my brothers and I got older and so involved with sports we barely had time to beat each other up, she still dragged us to the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota to see musicals and plays, luring us with one of her favorite sayings, "You boys need a little couth in your life."  It was always a fight to get us there, but she showed up after practice with clean shirts and bottles of deodorant in hand - I look back at those times and I am truly grateful she did.


My mother, Nancy Louise Maley, would be a first ballet Hall of Famer without question.  Not unlike the hockey version of a Ron Francis and his consistent play and great sportsmanship, or Mark Messier's tenacity and leadership, or at times a Scott Stevens keeping all of us in check!   A special thanks to my mom and all the other hockey moms across the globe.


For the Seagate Technology In The Crease, I'm David Maley.


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