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A Blog to Remenda - 8/18/2012

by Drew Remenda / San Jose Sharks
Dennis Rodman once stated,"there is so much hypocrisy in sports." I agree but it is overshadowed by the hypocrisy of the sports media. It is never more prevalent during the Olympics.

I'm not sure how it was in the States but in Canada it was unbearable listening to various sports talk shows expressing disappointment or concern over an athlete finishing out of the medals or conversely celebrating another national athlete standing on the podium.

My problem is that as a group the sports media virtually ignore all of the sports for 3 years and 330 days then spout off like they care but lack credibility to voice an informed critique of any of the 302 events.

In Canada one of the most controversial moments came in Women's Soccer. In the semi-final Canada played the eventual Gold Medal Champs from the United States. Going into this game the U.S. had not lost to Canada in 26 consecutive matches. Now I'm no soccer guy but that defines dominance.

In the match Canada played very well. They led the match at 3 different points. However the U.S. was too strong, too resilient to quit. In extra time they won the game (27 and counting) and headed to the Gold Medal Final.

The game was emotional, controversial and exciting, if you like soccer. Canada put forth a terrific effort (their best so far against the best in the world) but it wasn't enough to be proud of.

The Canadian team and media wanted to talk about the controversial call that led to the tying goal. Complained that the referee should have worn the U.S. jersey. The media jumped on the bandwagon and went further to complain about how the U.S. team lacked grace because they didn't compliment Canada on their effort.

What? How gracious was Canada? They complained about the refs instead of acknowledging the great play of their opponents. The media whined about a call but never mentioned that Canada had leads of 1-Nil, 2-1 and 3-2. Maybe I'm wrong but that is hypocrisy.

As Moliere once said, "One should examine oneself for a very long time before condemning others."

As I'm getting older I find that I'm less tolerant of hypocrisy and excuses in sports. I tend to not hold athletes responsible for comments made after an emotional game. However sports media have the benefit of being at an arms length and can leave emotion out. Sometimes the other team is just better.

In order to add some hockey to a hockey blog I've got to throw this in. My boys scan YouTube watching copious amounts of hockey highlights. My son Davis pointed out this hilarious team celebration by the Kamloops Blazers.

It is a homage to the NHL 94 video game....enjoy.

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