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A Blog to Remenda - 11/03/2012

by Drew Remenda / San Jose Sharks

There are three sports I watch with interest. Hockey, (of course), Mixed Martial Arts, primarily the UFC and Football. No matter how often the Great Randy Hahn mentions on our Sharks Broadcasts that I "am a great fan of the rawhide", I don't watch baseball. Sure I'll check the highlights, especially during the playoffs.

However this playoffs I jumped on the Giants Bandwagon and actually watched the MLB playoffs. What a great Championship run by the Giants. When I watch teams march to a championship, I always watch and try to find lessons to learn about winning.

Winning in football and martial arts comes down to preparation, (training), execution and will. If you watch an MMA fight you can see the moment a fighter just doesn't want to go through the pain anymore. You can actually see in his eyes the will or the fight leave his body.

In baseball, and this is coming from an armchair amateur observer, I don't know what it is. Yes, I know pitching is the big key and clutch hitting. However, watching the Giants I noticed the chemistry of the World Series Champs.

Now chemistry is often talked about and rarely understood amongst all sports people, management, coaches and fans. What I loved about the Giants was the individuality of the players. Nevertheless those personalities didn't take away from the team.

From Brian Wilson, injured but dressed and in the dugout leading the cheers and playing the mock piano on teammates heads keeping the guys loose, to the very unique Hunter Pence giving the fire and brimstone game speeches, to the masterful and forever in control Bruce Bochy, who doesn't try to change his players as he understand their uniqueness is a strength and it inspires rather than discourage.

I have always believed that a winning team needs several strong individual and distinctive personalities to overcome the challenges of winning.

A few random thoughts:

While I'm writing this I'm watching Hoosiers; at this point the team is starting the "slow clap". You know one guy starts clapping slow, another joins then another and the clapping accelerates until everybody is clapping madly.

A great movie but have you ever been in a situation where you were motivated to use the "slow clap"?

There are a few phrases and words that have been bothering me. Pretty much anything with a "pre" in front of it.

For example coaches are always watching video and doing a "pre-scout" on the opposing team. Aren't the coaches doing the actual scouting?

The world is being inundated with "pre". I was washing my car the other day and there was a "pre-soak" cycle. Yet I was soaking my vehicle, I couldn't figure out what the "pre" part of it was.

What set me over the edge was a radio commercial I heard. The announcer proclaimed that you could get a "pre-estimate" from the body shop. C'mon! An estimate is a "pre" in every sense of the word or prefix!

What has happened to music? I miss real rock bands. I can't stand the auto-tune over sung must have a rapper chime in on every freaking song chart toppers these days.

I'm getting old!

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