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US Ambassador to Canada drives the zamboni

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

We’ve all been there during an intermission. We all know the song. The dream is always the same. Every person wants to drive a zamboni at some point in their life.

That dream is manifested tenfold when you may not be as familiar with the zamboni as others. The awe that comes with this rectangular prism on wheels is tough to explain, but it is very real. Need proof? Look no further than United States Ambassador to Canada, David Jacobson.

Jacobson, who has held his post since 2009, once saw a man in Winnipeg driving a zamboni on a little rink. At that moment a dream was born. He wanted — nay, needed — to drive a zamboni. When he announced earlier this year that he would be departing the embassy in July, the Sens decided they’d help him realize it.

In a craftily manufactured prank, Sens president Cyril Leeder — with the help of Spartacat — broke the news that Jacobson wasn’t, in fact, at Scotiabank Place to speak to a group of kids. He was going to finally have his chance to drive a zamboni. What followed is best described as joy.

Take a look...

Odds are that video just put a huge smile on your face and you’re going to try even harder to drive a zamboni in your life as a result. Welcome to the club.

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