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The Sens talk outdoor practice

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

The Sens held an outdoor practice at Jules Morin Park in Ottawa today in front of a large crowd of local schoolkids and fans. Jason Spezza, Craig Anderson and Marc Methot offered their thoughts on the practice after the three whistles.

Here's what they had to say...

Jason Spezza

On playing outside:

It's fun for us, we got good weather today which makes it nicer. It kind of brings you back to your roots a little bit and we played a lot as kids on the outdoor rinks — not this nice of a rink, but on the outdoor rink.

On a fun practice before the playoff run:

I imagine things are going to be pretty hard for us tomorrow and the next day so we anticipate it'll be a pretty hard work day. It's kind of a nice day for us to ease back into things.

Craig Anderson

On playing outside:

It's exciting because it's something we haven't done in years. I haven't skated on an outdoor rink since I was a kid and it's one of those things where you forget how much fun it is to be outside and just kind of be out in the sun. It's kind of a nuisance for the sun to be in your eyes trying to stop pucks but at the same time I think everyone out here was smiling the whole time so it's definitely worth coming out and enjoying the time.

On today as a change of pace:

It's always fun to come outside and enjoy the weather. We're fortunate enough that it's not too cold out here and we can put a smile on our face and kind of go back to youth hockey when you're on one of those weekday nights where you just want to go out and play under the lights until your parents call you in. It's kind of one of those days.

Marc Methot

On the practice:

I think that may be the first one at an outdoor rink in practice. I can't recall ever skating outside in Columbus so this is probably the first time. It's really cool, we had a blast doing it.

On it meaning more in his hometown:

Oh yeah, and I went to high school right over there. I went to De La Salle for two years so it's neat. I never drive down in this area. Just driving by it kind of gave me chills. Being able to skate out here now that I'm an Ottawa Senator is kind of coming full circle. It's neat.

On the crowd:

All these kids are having a great time, they're going crazy and we're just throwing pucks at them. They're enjoying themselves and I'm sure they don't mind missing a little bit of class, coming outside and watching some hockey so it's good.

On the practice as a fun precursor to the playoff run:

It's great, we came back yesterday and I was pretty much comatose on my couch all day after practice. It's amazing how much you lose from being off the ice for that long so it's nice to get back out. I'm finally not bored anymore, I have things to look forward to everyday.

Sens TV was on scene at the Park. Take a look...

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