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Ten questions ... with Sens blueliner Marc Methot

by Rob Brodie / Ottawa Senators

Marc Methot hasn’t been a Senator for long.

But as an Ottawa guy with deep roots in the city, he knew exactly how to take the big news that came out Monday involving a certain community icon.

“I was pretty amped,” the Senators defenceman said in describing his reaction when he learned that captain Daniel Alfredsson is returning to the fold for a 17th National Hockey League season. “I think a lot of guys are really pumped up about it. Just being from here, I have a lot of friends who are huge Ottawa Senators fans and they were extremely excited about it.

“He’s a huge leader and he’s instrumental here in the city, both on and off the ice. It’s a huge bonus and wonderful news for everybody.”

Methot hasn’t had a chance to speak yet with Alfredsson since being obtained from the Columbus Blue Jackets in a July 1 trade for Nick Foligno. But the two have skated together previously at the Bell Sensplex during the off-season.

“I’ve met him before, skating here in the summers,” said Methot, who made a guest appearance at the Ottawa Senators Hockey Camps at the Sensplex earlier today. “Just from what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard, he’s a class act. I’m excited to have that opportunity (to play with him).”

During a break from camp, the 27-year-old Methot — a former Memorial Cup champion with the London Knights who’s also represented Canada at the world hockey championship — took a few moments to answer “10 Questions” from

Q: Talk about the importance of being a role model for the youngsters at this summer camp.
A: I haven’t skated at camps like this in a long time. Some of these kids out here are pretty impressive. It’s amazing to see the game evolve and anything you can do to support it, especially being a part of it and helping out in my hometown … it’s huge for me. It makes you feel pretty good just to see them and see how they’re skating. I remember being that age and skating (in camps), too. It’s been pretty neat.

Q: What’s your favourite way to relax in the summer?
A: I’m not a golfer. I like to hang out by my pool, go to see movies … just things I don’t normally get to do during the season. I really relish that time off and the hot sun we’ve been getting lately. It’s killing my lawn but, all that aside, I’ve been enjoying it. I just try to relax and train as much as I can.

Q: If somebody makes a movie about your life, who plays your leading lady?
A: Probably Kate Beckinsale. I’m a big Kate Beckinsale fan. Or Jessica Biel. Probably one of those two.

Q: Your guilty eating pleasure?
A: Popcorn at the movie theatre. I load the butter on like you wouldn’t believe. Popcorn and Diet Coke is my way to cheat, I’d say.

Q: What superpower would you like to have?
A: I’d love to be able to fly. I’ve always dreamed about that since I was a kid. I’d like to be like Superman.

Q: Your favourite music?
A: I’m a hard rock music fan. I’m always the team DJ, usually. I was on Team Canada (at the worlds) and I was in Columbus. So I listen to everything. Anything from hip-hop, rap, dance, house, country … you name it.

Q: Your favourite meal to cook?
A: I make a good Shepherd’s Pie with bison meat. That’s my forte.

Q: Where do you keep your Memorial Cup ring?
A: It’s actually in a bank in a safe. My dad was paranoid about someone stealing it, so it’s in a safe right now.

Q: Which Summer Olympics sport would you like to try?
A: I’d say fencing. I could see myself being a good fencer. It just looks cool.

Q: If you could trade places with any Summer Olympics athlete in London, who would it be?
A: Probably (U.S. swimmer) Ryan Lochte. He’s got a good following and he’s a heartthrob. So probably him. He’d be the man right now.

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