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Summer 7: Ryan Dzingel

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

Sens prospect Ryan Dzingel answers 7 questions about the Spartan Race during Development Camp, building his confidence and more...

His thoughts on the 2015 Sens Development Camp:

It was a lot different. I played in the AHL for the season this year and just getting that experience from that has helped me out a lot. That experience and learning from coach Richardson and Steve Sterling was a big help so coming here was a lot easier and I felt a lot more confident in my game.

On his highlight from camp:

At first I was a little upset that we had to go do that but then I was like "Wow. This is actually very challenging and awesome." People's first thought is usually to be negative but once we got in there and started doing it, it was a great experience. When we started off, we didn't really know what we were getting in to. Everyone agreed to stick together as a team and then some guys started running off (laughs). At that point I had to try and catch them so I had to work my way back in to it. If we all started and really competed right away, a lot of guy would've cramped up and come up short but sticking together for the majority of the race as a team helped everyone make it through. It definitely challenged me and looking back I'm really glad that we got to do that.

On the biggest thing he took away after Dev Camp:

Just confidence. I know my ability and I need to stop doubting myself and comparing myself to other players because I'm right there. I just need to continuing building my confidence.

On the first thing he's going to do when he gets back home:

Definitely take some time to rest. I overloading the whole week trying to do extra with everybody so I'll probably just relax and spend some time with my family. I'm not sure when I'm coming back to Ottawa so I'm going to enjoy a few days away from the rink with family and friends. Then right back in to it.

His plans for the rest of the summer:

I pretty much got all my holidays out of the way so after Development Camp it's all about grinding and getting ready. I told the Sens management that I'll be ready at camp and I'm planning on opening a lot of eyes so I want to make sure I do everything I can during the summer to help back that up. It's going to be an everyday grind.

On players he skates with in the off-season:

I skate with some of the Blackhawks guys. I've become friends with Kevin Delaney, Kenny McCudden and a few other skills coaches out there so I've got a huge group of core guys that I train with. I'll be skating with a lot of current and ex-NHLers as well.

On looking forward to next season:

Obviously, I'm slotted to start off the season in the AHL and I understand that. I'm pretty good at evaluating my game so I'm just going to start off strong and hopefully get called up and get the opportunity to prove myself. If you produce, you're going to get called up so I'd like to earn a game or two.

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