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Sick #SensVines Wanted

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

It’s no secret. We’re giant fans of Vine.

We were admittedly a little late to the party (our 1-year anniversary is coming up this month) but from the start we’ve embraced everything about the platform and that includes the large community of amazing hockey editors.

To be completely honest, some of the content we’ve come across is so good that it has really motivated us to be better and now it’s time for us to pay it back. So we want to use our channels to show it off.

We’re looking for the best #SensVines out there and every Monday (starting March 14th) for the rest of the season we’re going to share them with our fans on Twitter. And they’re going to love them.

We’re not big on rules but here’s what we’re thinking…

  • Create and post your sweet, sweet Sens stuff on Vine using the hashtag #SensVines (for aggregation purposes) and be sure to tag us in the comments as well.
  • We’re looking for NEW stuff. The Vines you posted in the past are great but we want you guys to keep creating.
  • Watch the language and offensive content. I know…bummer. But we can’t share it if there’s something dicey in there.
  • Feel free to watermark your vids just don’t do that thing where you drop it right in the middle. You’re going to get all kinds of credit for your work so there’s no need for it.
  • Current players only please.
  • Every Monday afternoon for the rest of the regular season we’ll pick our THREE favourite and share’em on Twitter.
  • Please don’t send us messages asking why we didn’t pick yours if we didn’t pick yours. We’re going to try and spread the love as much as we can.
  • And we aren't married to highlights and edits either. If you have something else you wanna do go nuts.

So…all good?

Something to get you started

To help you out we put together a sick reel of some of our exclusive, raw video that we've shot this season. It was all shot in 60 frames/second so it looks really good when you slow it down. You can download it here. Have fun with it.

A few examples of the great Sens vids out there on Vine…

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