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SENSUS: Movember

We asked them to name names when we polled the Sens on the team's Movember standouts so far.

by Craig Medaglia @craigmedaglia / Ottawa Senators

With the moustache month winding down, we went to the source and polled 15 players from the Senators' locker room to talk Movember standouts in our latest edition of SENSUS.

1. Which Senator has the very best moustache this month?

Top Choice: Dylan DeMelo (11)


Additional votes:

- Nick Paul (3)

- Brady Tkachuk (1)


Instant Analysis:

This one was almost unanimous for our Movember Captain and it's obvious why. It's thick, it's dark and it's powerful. Paul's handlebars also got some love but not enough to crack the podium according to the reigning #1 moustache in the Senators' locker room.


What they said:

"It's Melo. I hate to give it to him though." - Nick Paul

"100% Melo. It's not even close." - Filip Chlapik

"I think it's DeMelo for sure. It's really good." - Erik Brannstrom

"Other than me, because I'm probably #1, #2 and #3, I really like Nick Paul's handlebars. That's a solid effort right there." - Dylan DeMelo

"I'm not sure if it's because of the moustache but he's been playing around in front of the camera a lot more this month. It's given him some extra confidence and he also probably wants to make sure it's well documented." - Jean-Gabriel Pageau


2. Which Senator has the worst moustache going?

Top Choice: Brady Tkachuk (14)


Additional votes:



Instant Analysis:

In today's least surprising news, Brady Tkachuk garnered every possible vote for this except his own (which he decided not to cast which kept the lop-sidedness of this poll intact). Tkachuk's Movember attempt is so popular among his teammates that it actually may have transitioned into "so bad it's good" territory too.


What they said:

"Brady's my pick for the best and the worst moustache for the exact same reason. It's hilarious." - Thomas Chabot

"He's claiming he's growing one but he hasn't provided much evidence to back that claim up." - Chris Tierney

"It's comical and I'm very proud of him." - Dylan DeMelo

"I hate to say Chucky because I kind of love his and you can see some whiskers coming through if you look at it from the right angle." - Nick Paul

"I'm not going to say myself because I've been working really hard and I personally feel I'm right there in the middle of the pack." - Brady Tkachuk

"It's Brady all day…by far…and it's not even close." - Jean-Gabriel Pageau


3. Which Senator needs to be called out for keeping too much additional facial hair this month while growing a moustache?

Top Choice: Logan Brown (8)


Additional votes:

- Anthony Duclair (3)

- Colin White (2)

- Anders Nilsson (1)

- Filip Chlapik (1)


Instant Analysis:

While Logan Brown caught a decent amount of flack from his teammates for keeping large remnants of a beard this month, he wasn't the only one targeted in this question. In fact, many of the Movember crew used this topic as an opportunity to fire shots at some of the players who opted not to participate (hence the votes for Duclair and Nilsson).


What they said:

"I'm looking at Brownie right now and I'm seeing a chin strap. I'm going to grab the straight razor today actually and explain to him the rules of Movember." - Nick Paul

"Brownie just has a normal beard pretty much." - Filip Chlapik

"If he kept it clean-shaven then Brownie would probably have a better showing but what do I know?" - Dylan DeMelo said while stroking his moustache


4. Which Senator's moustache growth is the most surprising/underrated?

Top Choice: Thomas Chabot (5)


Additional votes:

- Nick Paul (3)

- Jean-Gabriel Pageau (2)

- Colin White (2)

- Chris Tierney (1)

- Filip Chlapik (1)

- Logan Brown (1)


Instant Analysis:

This was easily the widest range of responses we received during this poll and it's not super surprising since a few players showed up this month with some solid efforts. In the end, Chabot shocked a few teammates with his upper lip growth this month.


What they said:

"Looking at Chabby and his isn't bad at all. A little greasy but I like it." - Logan Brown

"We weren't sure if his strong flow game was restricted to the top of his head or not but he's shown very well in the moustache department this month." - Dylan DeMelo


Show your support!

There are only a few days left to make your Movember donations and to keep the ball rolling the first 50 people to donate $50 to our Mo' Captain Dylan DeMelo right here will receive a limited-edition signed puck.

The Sens are also still in the running for the Moustache Cup! Learn all about that great Movember initiative at

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