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Sens re-sign Condra

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

The Sens continued to round out their roster on Friday, announcing that they have re-signed forward Erik Condra to a two-year deal. He had entered the off-season as a restricted free agent meaning, with the deal, both sides have avoided arbitration.

Here's what Sens Assistant GM Tim Murray had to say about the signing...

It's great to get Erik signed, we got him done to a two-year deal so it gives him a bit of a future and more time to improve his game. He's an important part of our penalty kill, obviously. We were one of the top teams on the PK and he had the most minutes on our team so that's a big part of our game and a big part of his game. We hope we can keep helping him improve his offensive game and that he can be around for a while.

Condra spoke to the media shortly after the contract was signed. Here’s what Erik had to say about the deal...

On his new contract:

I'm excited about it, I'm excited to be back in Ottawa. I hoped that it would come and I think it's a place I fit in well and I'm excited to be back.

On why Ottawa is a fit:

I think I'm comfortable there, I think the coaching staff and I have a good relationship. They are open, we have a great staff and we have a lot of young guys that are around my age and it's just good for me and my family.

On avoiding arbitration:

I don't think Ottawa or I wanted to go to arbitration, it's just something that leaves bad blood in everyone's mouth. I think we both figured we could get something done before that happened.

On his summer:

I went over with Kerry Goulet of Stop Concussions. He set up a little charity three game thing over in Australia and I was fortunate to be asked and it was a great time. We were over there for two weeks, played three games in Australia trying to raise money for Stop Concussions and introduce the game of hockey over in Australia, which the fans loved it and we had a lot of time to travel and see things. It's been a busy summer for me but it was a blast going over there.

On if Australians like fighting:

They do, they love the fights. Australia's a huge country for sport, any kind of sport they adopt. That was one of the big things, they did like the fights.

On Alfredsson leaving:

I was kind of surprised, but I was lucky enough to play with Alfie, I have the utmost respect for him. I'm sad to see him go, but if that's what he thinks he needs to do, then that's what he thinks he needs to do.

On news in Detroit:

It was a big signing for them, I think because they got and Weiss and a few other guys they think they're going to push for the Cup this year. I'm guessing that's what Kenny Holland sold to him to get Alfie there, so yeah, they're pushing that pretty hard... It's a great hockey city, I'm excited for them to be in our league and I'm excited to go after Alf a little bit.

On returning to Ottawa:

Sometime in the beginning of September I'll come back, I've got a good set up here (Detroit), I have a home here. If Alf's looking to rent out a condo during the year, he knows who to call.

On defensive player/penalty killer contracts:

That's how the league is. For top teams to get those top guys who are gifted goal scorers, they can do things that a lot of guys can't do. They earn the top money and with the salary cap it kind of pushed guys down a little bit. I'm happy with the contract and I'm excited to come back.

On if he'd like to play more offensive situations:

Definitely, for sure. I don't see my role changing too much, I just hopefully add to it. I know Coach MacLean has respect for me and he can use me in any situation, which he has as we saw. I enjoy it and hopefully I can make the most of any situation I'm put into.

On his playoff numbers:

I think the way our team kind of came together and the line matchups we had was good for me and good for the team. It's a different game in the playoffs. Maybe I like it and the team seemed to do better. The line combination with Pageau or however it worked out seemed to be clicking.

On the team being motivated by Alfredsson's departure:

He's been around the league long enough where he's got to do something for himself and I understand that, but it gives us a little boost if that's what he's saying. It definitely gives us incentive, I think.

On the Ryan/MacArthur acquisitions:

I'm excited about it. It seems like a great fit for our team, what we needed was a pure goal scorer and Bobby Ryan can definitely put the puck in the net. We've played against MacArthur for the last few years and he's a great player as well, he's been known to score a few goals himself. It's going to be great for us, I'm excited about it and I think we have just as good a chance as Detroit does... I'm excited. I'm ready.

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