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Scoring our #PhotoshopPhriday pics

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

The idea is pretty simple: find a Sens photograph and use Photoshop to make it funnier. Drop a player into a new environment, add something to the image that wasn't there get the idea.

Likes, shares and retweets followed but so did an underlying conversation: which one was is the best?

Enter mathematics.

As one of the prominent contributors to #PhotoshopPhriday, I took a crack at creating a scoring system to rank the most popular pics across all of our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). I tallied up all the major engagement analytics for every photo we posted during the campaign to try and find both the averages and to identify which one stat from each platform we could use to showcase popularity. I decided that the act of sharing/retweeting the image was far more of an indicator than a simple like/favourite and should thus weigh the heaviest. Then I used the total averages of those categories to derive a weighted scoring system that looks like this...

  • 0.5 point for an Instagram Like
  • 7 points for a Facebook Share
  • 15 points for a Twitter Retweet

So according our advanced stats here are the top 5 #PhotoshopPhriday posts...

1. King Karl


A photo posted by Ottawa Senators (@senators) on

Not only is this image visually beautiful and featuring our TWO-TIME Norris trophy winner, it was also incredibly timely. Posted just 2 days before the Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones, this picture was a shoe-in to become our most popular of the campaign and I'm happy that the statistics back that up.

Instagram Likes: 6,713 (x 0.5) = 3,356.5

Facebook Shares: 478 (x 7) = 3,346

Twitter Retweets: 147 (x 15) = 2,205

TOTAL: 8,907.5

2. Splash Mountain


Posted by Ottawa Senators on Friday, July 10, 2015

What I love about this pic is that everyone seems to process it the same way. Your eye is initially drawn to the first row of the log to see Erik Karlsson and Mark Stone bracing for the drop and then scans upwards to reveal a very unimpressed Mika Zibanejad at the back. Add in an overly excited Patrick Wiercioch and a smiling Curtis Lazar and you've got the makings for our second most popular #PhotoshopPhriday post.

Instagram Likes: 5,811 (x 0.5) = 2,905.5

Facebook Shares: 426 (x 7) = 2,982

Twitter Retweets: 196 (x 15) = 2,940

TOTAL: 8,827.5

3. Jurassic World

This one was just mega-topical. Jurassic World had just shattered pretty much every box office record ever and the original clip with Chris Pratt training the raptors was prominently featured in just about every trailer. Replace Pratt's charm with the threat of a Marc Methot hip-check and you've got the #3 image on the list.

Instagram Likes: 5,435 (x 0.5) = 2,717.5

Facebook Shares: 164 (x 7) = 1,148

Twitter Retweets: 126 (x 15) = 1,890

TOTAL: 5,755.5

4. Lazar Selfie

People love Curtis Lazar so adding him in to the most retweeted selfie ever just made too much sense. Didn't quite make it on to the podium but still a very solid showing.

Instagram Likes: 5,413 (x 0.5) = 2,706.5

Facebook Shares: 89 (x 7) = 623

Twitter Retweets: 152 (x 15) = 2,280

TOTAL: 5,609.5

5. Stone Surf


A photo posted by Ottawa Senators (@senators) on

Mark Stone really likes scoring goals and naturally he gets excited as a result. Our thinking was: "hey, wouldn't it be funny if he was surfing?" and that's how we created the 5th most popular #PhotoshopPhriday of the summer. Sometimes these things just create themselves.

Instagram Likes: 5,494 (x 0.5) = 2,747

Facebook Shares: 115 (x 7) = 805

Twitter Retweets: 82 (x 15) = 1,230

TOTAL: 4,782

And with that, #PhotoshopPhriday gets hung up in the garage for the winter. Ready to be pulled down sometime next spring and played with once more.

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