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Ryan on the Team 1200

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Bobby Ryan is making his first media rounds in town as a member of the Senators and this included a stop at the Team 1200 this morning. Here's what Bobby had to say to a bevvy of questions...

On his reaction to the trade:

Honestly it was a lot of elation. It was kind of one of those weird things where we knew it was coming and I think we'd been prepared for it for a while, but you just don't quite understand it until you get that phone call. It took a couple of days for it to sink in but it has been nothing but eagerness to get here and get things started from there.

On the Sens heading in the right direction:

It is, it's incredible. I said it earlier, you get to see a lot of Ottawa in the West Coast. We come to the rink at 4 o'clock our time and it's 7 o'clock your time so we're watching games all the time and we see a lot of Ottawa. I think anybody that can be apart of that and witness that -- what they did last year was incredible with the injuries and all that kind of stuff. You look at that young group and I still consider myself somewhat of a young guy and you think I'm going to join this really cool core nucleus of guys and it's a refreshing feeling. Not to say anything bad, but you just never had that in Anaheim. I'm really refreshed to do that here, I can't wait.

On if he would sign an extension in Ottawa:

Oh, absolutely. I haven't seen anything outside of the media whirlwind that I've been on since I've been here, but you look at a team that gave up what they gave up, and they gave up some good young players and then they gave up a first round draft pick, and you just want to reward them for what they gave up. I think anybody that gets drafted to any team, in my case Anaheim, you want to go in and you want to win championships and do all this cool stuff with them. For me this is a new start on that and you just want to be a part of that group and want to be part of that core. Obviously we can't even talk about it and I think most people think that we need to do it right away but I want people to know that we can't even talk about it for another year. It's a calendar year away for me.

On management he knows:

Tim Murray was actually the guy that vouched for me in the draft and he was the guy who called me to tell me about the trade. I actually heard about the trade from the guys that own Gongshow Hockey Gear, the local company here, they're friends of mine. They were the ones that told me about the trade and then I got the call from Tim Murray. Him being in Anaheim at the time vouched for me to be a draft pick of theirs, but my first conversation and first call as an Ottawa Senator was with him and it was a great conversation.

On being drafted second:

Anytime you're drafted second overall people expect you to step in right away and I don't think that was ever the plan for me. I think the plan was for me to grow into the player I'm starting to become and I think there's more to grow into. Over the last couple of years I think it has been a steady progression and I'm learning more away from the puck than I ever thought I would. I'm starting to grow into a player that's becoming a bit of a two-way player and I hope to do that here. I can't wait.

On the trade rumours out of Anaheim:

I think you look at that team and you have Getzlaf and Perry who won a Cup, they've done everything you can ask those players to do and I think I just fell two years behind them. When they signed their extensions that kind of sealed my fate, I remember the day they both signed their extensions within two or three days of each other I remember saying to my girlfriend, "I think we're out of here." That kind of sealed my fate right there. I don't know, with Teemu coming back year after year, what do you say? He's one of the best that has ever played and you can't get mad at him because you get a chance to play with Teemu Selanne which is incredible but I just kind of think I was the odd man out every time. That's tough to do year in and year out. It doesn't hurt you but it hinders you. I think I learned to deal with it long enough and this year happened to be the year we moved on.

On his growth:

I feel like I'm a different person from two weeks ago when it happened. I'm getting this opportunity where I've always been the fourth or fifth man in the offensive scheme to where I'm coming in and I think I'm going to be second or third and that's a cool feeling. It changes things, there's a little more pressure with it, but it's a pressure I've been trying to embrace for a couple of years now as things have progressed and now I want to do it on a broader scale. I can't wait.

On players he knows:

I know Kyle (Turris), we've crossed paths at a lot of things over the years and he was one of the first calls. He reached out to me through Twitter right away, gave me his number and I called him within 24 hours of being traded. I talked to (Jason) Spezza within 48 hours of being traded. I tried to reach out to as many guys as I could, obviously I wanted to come in hot. I don't know much about Spezz other than he's a walking highlight reel. He's a different kind of player. I think I'm blessed to come from playing with Getzlaf who I think is one of the best in the league, don't get me wrong about that, but coming into a situation playing with a guy like that where I'm going to be his go-to guy, I think. I think would Milan could work really well and I'm really hoping to jump in with those two.

On "The Tweet":

I don't think I was prepared for sending that to a Canadian market. The amount of feedback I got from it was overwhelming but really cool. The only response I got that was negative was from Leafs fans and I expected that anyways. I had no idea that would be on the scale that it was.

On his position:

I was always a right winger and that never really changed, but with Anaheim I've played centre, I've played left wing -- I almost played defence a couple of times -- but I've played a little bit of everything and I think that I'm starting to get more and more comfortable on the right wing towards the end of where I was in Anaheim, but if you play the right wing there you have to play behind Perry and Teemu and that was tough to do so they moved me to left and I got comfortable there. Whatever Ottawa has in store for me, I'm ready to do. I think I can play all three positions pretty comfortably now.

On the pressure of Ottawa:

On a good day in Anaheim you'll have three or four reporters and I respect the fact that's going to change. I think my attitude coming into it is I have no other option but to perform. I've never really had that before, that pressure. There's a certain level of anonymity in Anaheim that I don't think I'll get here in the locker room. I get that and I'm looking forward to embracing that, but at the end of the day you have to, there's nothing you can do. I'm going to come in everyday ready to work and that's about all I can say about it.

On playing in front of Ottawa:

I can't see any reason why you can't get up for a game here. Like I said, I've played in the league six years now and I've been here one time and it was an unbelievable experience. To wear the red on that gameday has to be something special. I can't wait to embrace that.

On the off-the-ice adjustment:

When you have to think for two all of a sudden after not having that and then you've got to move. It changes things. She (his girlfriend) is a Southern California girl, she's lived there her whole life and I don't realize how much she's going to like it here. I told her about the canal and how much people skate to work. The only thing she said was 'I get to have Tim Hortons everyday' so I think she's going to enjoy it here, I can't wait.

For those of you who are more inclined towards audio, you can listen to Bobby's appearance here on this page.

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