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Ray Emery really is the King of Cool

by Staff Writer / Ottawa Senators
Ottawa Senators goaltender Ray Emery responds to a question following Sunday, June 3, 2007 in Ottawa. The Ducks are leading the best-of-seven games series 2-1. (CP photo/Paul Chiasson, CP)
Having already developed a reputation around hockey circles for his ability to keep a level head during even the hottest moments of on-ice action, the Ottawa Senators goaltender is equally content to chill off of it.

Flash cars, flash wardrobe, a cameo appearance in a song by hip-hop artist Belly, sure. But what the 24-year-old native of Cayuga, Ont., just outside of Hamilton, really enjoys most is being able to relax with family and friends and enjoy life.

After a breakout season with the Senators in which he helped the team to its first appearance in the Stanley Cup finals, Razor Ray, who committed his future to the team after signing a new three-year contract recently, took a break from his summer schedule to catch up with Senators fans.

OS: After the year you had, where do you go to get some down time?

RE: “I’m in Toronto right now, but I’m living in Burlington for the summer. (Senators centre Jason) Spezza and I did Off the Record (a TV sports talk show) this afternoon. I pop around (to Ottawa), but mainly I stick around Hamilton. That’s where my family and buddies and everyone is.”

OS: You recently had surgery to correct a wrist problem that bothered you during the season. You’ve stated in the past that you’re not really the golfing type and prefer listening to tunes or playing video games. What kind of effect has the surgery had on your summer plans?

RE: “It’s a different summer for me. Normally it’s: work out in the morning, kind of chill out in the afternoon, whatever, grab a bite to eat and go on a couple of trips and stuff like that. But this summer is so condensed and I had surgery done, it’s been different for me this summer.”

OS: Despite hockey players leading a relatively high-profile lifestyle, particularly in Canada, you seem most content to lay low when you aren’t on the ice. Describe your typical day?

RE: “I got this cast on my arm, so I haven’t been doing much. I hop on a bike a couple of times a week and I’m just waiting. My next cast is going to be GoreTex, so you can get it wet and stuff. I had that, so for a week or so I was in pain and just kind of chilling out. Then I was at a hockey school for a week or so in Ottawa. Right now, I’m just kind of getting settled into a place down here.”

OS: With the rabid fan following in a hockey-crazy city like Ottawa, the Senators are among the highest profile of the high-profile set. Do you always feel like you’re in the spotlight or can you get a break from the attention?

RE: “Hamilton’s pretty good that way. People kind of recognize you, but leave you alone, you know? They aren’t too in your face and stuff like that. I was actually going to go to Los Angeles this summer; just because I was there (in the playoffs against Anaheim) and that’s the last thing they’re thinking about, you know what I mean? You can kind of do whatever you want (because) no one cares about the hockey player. But it’s pretty good back home. It’s something that’s different to get used to, but that’s good and bad. Having a long season like we did — it was a bit different towards the end of the year, just being that recognizable in a town like Ottawa.”

OS: Some of your off-ice interests — the limited-edition Hummer, the Lamborghini, the flash suits, your love of music and video games — have been well chronicled by the media. With the attention you received in the playoffs, you had to face the same questions over and over every time you had to face the media from a new city. Does it ever get old and did it make life hectic when you’ve got other things to worry about?

RE: “I don’t mind it too much. A lot of (the whirlwind) was just that there’s so many new things that come into play with family and tickets and travel and so many things.”

OS: Finally, Ottawa fans developed a love affair with their goaltender this season. Will you be all set for another fling this fall?

RE: “It should be mid-September, something like that, I’ll be ready to roll.”

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