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Pierre Dorion on the 2014 Entry Draft

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Sens Assistant GM Pierre Dorion met with the media on Thursday to discuss the upcoming 2014 Entry Draft.

Here's what he had to say...

On what the team expects to get from the 40th pick:

I think we're going to get a player that will play for us. Obviously that player at 40 won't play for us next year most likely, there's probably a one per cent chance of that happening, but I think at 40 we're going to get a player that will help us. Whatever position it will be, we think it's going to be someone who will be an NHL player.

On the depth of the draft:

It's an average draft. I think you talk to a lot of people and they'll tell you it's an average draft and we feel that way. It's not the deepest draft. Over the seven years we've been in Ottawa I would put it in the weaker crop of prospects.

On the lack of first rounder:

It's not the end of the world, you always like to go to the draft — especially with your whole staff — knowing that you've worked all year towards getting your first rounder. With everything that's going on with Jason we've prepared ourselves. If ever a first rounder were part of a deal we'd be prepared to select someone in the first round.

On if moving up into the first round would ensure a high quality player:

If we were picking number one we'd probably get a pretty good player, if we're picking 30 the range is totally different. It depends what happens with possible trades.

On where the drop-off in depth happens:

I think if you're a non-playoff team — there's 13 because of what happened with New Jersey — you're going to get a fairly good player, maybe someone that can play for you next year. After that you're looking at guys that can play following years.

On their scouting list:

We have our one to about 150 on our scouting list. We had really good meetings this year. With everything that has gone on I think the staff has been prepared for the possibility of a first rounder. Picks are tough to get at draft time because every scout and every chief scout is saying, "we're going to get you this player," and that's something that's tougher to do. We feel confident that whatever happens we'll be ready for that scenario.

On a potential Spezza trade impacting the scouting:

Internally Bryan told us what Jason's possible demands were and internally we talked about it. We've known for a while and we've prepared for every scenario.

On the team's restricted free agents:

It'll be announced later today that we've signed Mike Hoffman. We're discussing with Lehner and we've discussed from a single year to a multi-year deal. We're discussing with Gryba. As you guys probably have heard, Stéphane Da Costa turned us down and it looks like he'll probably go to Europe. Every one of our RFAs we've talked to as far as contract negotiations going forward.

On Hoffman's deal:

It's one-year, two-way deal.

You can see Pierre Dorion's full availability here courtesy of Sens TV.

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