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Paul: "Every day it's getting better and more comfortable"

Ahead of schedule, Sens winger Nick Paul is back skating with the team during training camp.

by Craig Medaglia @craigmedaglia / Ottawa Senators

Nick Paul resumed skating yesterday after suffering a lower ankle sprain during the physical testing portion on the first day of training camp. We caught up with Paul after this morning's on-ice session to chat about his speedy recovery, hopes for the pre-season and more.

On recovering from his injury ahead of schedule:

At first they said it was going to be a little longer than what we expected but the trainers have been awesome and have been doing a lot of work on my ankle. I'm icing it every day and taking the Game Ready at home so my ankle has been recovering pretty quickly. It's been good these last few days and getting back on the ice. Every day it's getting better and more comfortable so hopefully it's back at 100% real soon.

How it's been feeling on the ice:

I keep getting more confident but obviously there's going to be a little pain because the first couple of times skating it's in a skate again. There's a little pain to start the practice but after that it just goes away and I feel good.

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On the frustration of getting injured on Day #1 of training camp:

It's not something that I planned on doing. I came in and during the first test I went over on it. The thing is, if you let it get to your head it just destroys everything. I've worked so hard this summer and came here in the best shape of my life. I put so much work in for that to happen is obviously not ideal but you always have to look at the glass as half full. That's what I'm looking at doing. It happened, it's not what I wanted but I just have to get better, get back to 100% and keep doing what I was doing before I got injured.

On the work that the Sens trainers have done with him during his recovery:

They're awesome. They always know what to do and where I'm at. They don't try to push me but at the same time they don't let me slack either which is awesome. That's huge for injuries. The first couple of days I couldn't really put much weight on it and it was all swollen up. We started flushing it out, icing it all the time and keeping it elevated and the swelling started going away pretty quick. It went from not being able to put pressure on it to slowly walking on it to now I'm on the ice so the recovery has been pretty quick. 

On hopefully getting into a pre-season game soon:

That's the plan. That was the plan coming in to camp too but I didn't plan for the injury so we'll just see what happens. It's not in my hands. All I can do is get better every day.
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