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Patrick Wiercioch on his summer

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Sentors defenceman Patrick Wiercioch made a visit to the Bell Sensplex today to visit the campers at Sens Summer Camps presented by Canadian Tire. After his stop we ran him through the traditional Sens TV gamut of questions on his summer. Take a look...

During his visit, Wiercioch also fielded questions from the Ottawa media on a number of on-ice topics. Here's what he had to say...

On the team's playoff hopes after the departure of Spezza:

I don't think that changes, every year you go in you're trying to win regardless of what happens. I think even the year we did make the playoffs and made it to the second round we had guys injured and obviously perceptions change and opinions change but in the locker room you've got to believe that what they've put together in there is a winning combination. It's all how you perform to get there.

On what he has to do to become an everyday player:

It's not easy coming in and out. Any time you can string games together you get more confidence and I think trying to be an offensive producing defenceman when you're in and out a lot of those games for the first half, you might be a little more tentative than others because you're worried about moving up and down. It's growth, it's learning, maybe I would have had that experience in my first rookie season had Karlsson not been hurt. I think everyone kind of goes through that. Hopefully it's behind me and I can move forward, be a regular and produce for the team.

On finding consistency:

Last year when you're not winning you're just trying to find ways to win too so that may have been part of it. Obviously taking the summer to work out, put some muscle on the frame, get bigger, stronger, hopefully that can keep you consistent for the day-in, day-out, back-to-back games sort of thing.

On if he worries about potential trades:

You could worry about it but it's not going to do much good for you. We're realistic of the business and we know what we're in for. Unless you have a no movement clause you're in play, that's just the way it is. I think you've got to see if you do get traded that it's an opportunity and another team wants you. There's a lot of great fans here in Ottawa, my wife and I really enjoy it here and we want to continue our stay.

On being in and out of the lineup affecting confidence:

It's difficult, self-confidence can change in the course of a game. One lucky bounce and for the rest of the game you feel like the puck is following you. A lot of guys say it's just something where you're able to tune out the bad and keep the good in and that's just something that comes with time and patience. Every day is a work in progress and that's something we have to take forward into next year.

On where he's looking to grow his game:

I'm always working on trying to be a puck mover, making that first pass maybe a little bit quicker, giving my teammates a little more time to make a play. I think last year we struggled getting out of our zone a bit and any time you can transition from defence to offence it makes the game easier. That's the way I try to think the game is offensively so trying to get the puck in the hands of guys who are paid to score. That's what we're trying to do.

On settling into Ottawa as his permanent home:

It's awesome, the Sens do so much for the community here and they're so good at branching out. They're not just pigeonholed to one charity or anything, they affect a lot of people and they touch a lot of lives with what they do. The opportunities to go out and meet the kids in the community, it's really awesome to see the fans and how much they support the team. It doesn't matter where you are, you can drive an hour out and find Sens fans that are heading to the game. It's really neat.

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