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Nick Paul on Day 1 of Rookie Camp

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Nick Paul answered a number of questions from the media today on day one of rookie camp. Here's what he had to say...

On starting the season:

It's been amazing. I had a great summer, working out a lot and I'm excited to bring all my skills and everything I've learned here to showcase it.

On his Canada camp:

It was amazing, I was playing with great players, the competition was really good. I think I was better coming out of that, my speed has improved and I think my whole game has improved this summer so we'll see how it goes now.

On being traded for Jason Spezza:

When I was in the room in North Bay for camp I was getting hassled a bit about it but it's been good, I'm excited, it was a great trade and I'm excited to be here.

On a full audition in front of Sens management:

I'm taking it as I need to put my best foot forward and make a big impression right off the bat. I'm the type of player where I give 110 per cent every shift no matter the situation I'm in, I'm going to give 110 per cent and show my best skills.

On areas of focus after development camp:

Definitely my skating, my skating needed a lot of work, so I was working with a lot of skating coaches and in the gym I was specifically doing leg workouts and a lot of speed training. I think it has improved a lot, I've had some compliments on it so far. I think it's doing a lot better this year so we'll see how it goes.

On his training:

I trained at ATC with Richard Clark down by Mississauga.

On potentially playing for Canada's World Juniors:

It's very exciting, it's in Montreal and then the final games are in Toronto. We're definitely on home soil. If I make it it's going to be a great experience so let's hope I make it... In the back of my mind every thing I do has to be hard, I want to make that team really bad and I want to make Ottawa really bad so everything I do right now always is just 110 per cent.

On the impression he left with Team Canada:

I came in the underdog, people were saying "Who's this Paul kid? Should he be here?" I knew right off the bat I'd have to leave a big impression. I went in there, put my best foot forward and had a good first game. I had some people talking about me. After the second game people were talking about me and using my name a lot. I think I went in there and left a good impression and hopefully I can get the season going well and make that team.

On the qualities he brings:

One of the things they said was they needed a bigger team with more grit and playing the Canadian way is the motto. I went in there fitting what they needed and I think I went over their standards. I think they liked that.

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