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NHL All-Star Campaign: Craig Anderson

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

Craig Anderson has been an absolute workhorse for the Sens this season but he's been a lot more than just quantity. In fact, his quality ranks up there with the best in the league and that's why we think you should cast your NHL All-Star Vote for Andy.

1. Work

So we mentioned above that Anderson has put in a lot of work so far this year but what do the numbers say? Well Anderson is...

  • 1st in the NHL is shots against with 973
  • 1st in the NHL in saves with 896
  • 1st in the NHL is even strength shots against with 803
  • 1st in the NHL in even strength saves with 746
  • 1st in the NHL in power play shots against with 159
  • 1st in the NHL in power play saves with 140
  • 4th in the NHL in games started with 29

So yeah...Andy's been busy but all that hard work has been paying off. He seems to feed off of the increased workload and given that the Sens are last in the league in shots against (with an average of 34.0 per game), he should expect to continue to see a lot of pucks this year.

2. Wins

So we quickly looked at how much rubber Anderson's kept out this season but has that translated into success for the Sens? Yes...yes it has. Anderson currently sits tied for 5th (with the Henrik Lundqvist) in league in wins this year with 16. Andy also sits 2nd in the NHL in shootout wins with 3, which is something that might help out during the skills competition (wink wink, nudge nudge).

3. Vine-light

Enough with the numbers for now, let's take a look at some of his handywork on the ice. There are plenty to choose from but of his 896 saves this season, this one just might be his best...

Vote Anderson

It's time for you to do your part and help send Craig Anderson to the NHL All-Star Game this year in Nashville. And while you're there, cast some votes for your other favourite Sens.

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