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Murray set for Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame induction

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators General Manager Bryan Murray is set to be inducted to the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame as a "Builder" on June 5 along with longtime hockey patron Charlie Henry and Dave “The Voice” Schreiber.

Murray met with the media prior to his induction and spoke at length about what the recognition means to him as well as his association with a few of his fellow inductees...

On his induction to the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame:

Obviously, I'm very proud of that. I'm a "valley boy" from Shawville so coming to Ottawa for hockey games when I was young was a big event. We didn't come that often and were the "country bumpkins" I guess at that point but when we came we usually beat them. When I started to play Senior, I remember playing at the old auditorium. Just a 15 year-old playing Senior hockey against some awfully good players at that time. I've got great memories from when I played college hockey too. I played against Ottawa U and Carleton and had some great success. I was away for a long time...25 years in the United States so to be able to come back to Ottawa and over a period of 10 years here to get this recognition is really outstanding and very nice for my family, brothers and sisters and guys I played hockey with and against over the years.

On being inducted with Charlie Henry:

I've known Charlie since I was coaching in Roackland. We were reminiscing yesterday about when we were in Guelph, down 3-0. Those stories are great memories to have and Charlie has had a great career too. The record he had with the Gatineau/Hull team and what he did there winning a Memorial Cup and just being the guy to talk to if you needed information about a young player in the area. Once in a while I'll have my colleagues or staff members call him and Charlie knew all the kids. That was always a great help.

On Dave Schreiber's induction:

Same birthday as me but I think he's quite a bit older (laughs). Getting to know Dave, listening to him do the broadcasting around the city when I was a young guy, being involved in the horse-racing business as he was for a long time and then coming to Ottawa and he was the broadcaster here. Outstanding guy who obviously gave a lot to this city. He cared greatly about this franchise I know that. So it's really nice and you're proud to go in with people like that.

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