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Murray comments on Alfredsson addition

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators General Manager Bryan Murray spoke to the media on Friday afternoon about the team's recent addition of former team captain Daniel Alfredsson to the hockey operations department.

On what roles Alfredsson might undertake in his new position:

He can learn about contracts and negotiating and that if he wants to do that part at all or at least be exposed to it but just being around the team building. Daniel has some real good insight into what it takes to be a winner I believe and that will help.

On Alfredsson wanting to learn the management side of hockey:

I think that's really important for his career long-term if that's what he wants. It tells you that he's open-minded, it tells you that he's a guy that played the game hard and became a much better player after he started here as a young player. He wants to learn how we can help players. We've talked already about a number of our young guys that just need a kick to get better and I think Daniel's insight into what it takes will help them a lot.

On mentoring the young leaders and former teammates:

There was a good question about how you manage friendships and also be a management guy but I've always felt that there's nothing wrong with being friendly with the players. There's nothing wrong with listening to their problems and telling them some of your problems and expectations and being friendly without going overboard. They have to know who the boss is but I think Daniel will bring a whole new dynamic to our organization that maybe wasn't there before.

On what Erik Karlsson might learn from having Alfredsson in an advisor role:

Erik's gotten much better but you just watch them together over the past few days and they hang out together, they talk and there's no question that Daniel has good insight for him. Erik seems to be very open-minded and obviously very respectful of Daniel.

On allowing Alfredsson to decide when he was ready for a management role:

We had talked a number of times even though he had left. I think we each understood both points of view. We couldn't do what he wanted financially. Also we appreciate the fact that he thought, and I disagreed with him, he thought that Detroit had a better chance to win. Their history was that, there's no doubt about that but all the way through I kind of understood where he was and he understood where we were.

On seeing something in Daniel the player that could translate to Daniel on the management side:

His leadership qualities. People who have leadership qualities, that doesn't disappear. That's the first thing you see with Daniel, he's the kind of guy that wants to be involved, wants to take charge, wants to pass on information. For Daniel in he room as a player, he was more "see what I do", he wasn't a lot of talk and I don't think it will be that in his new role.

You can watch Daniel Alfredsson and Bryan Murray's full media availability below...

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