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Methot on the first ice session

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

As one of the five players identified by coach MacLean as part of the Sens leadership group, Marc Methot will be stepping further into the spotlight with the Sens this season — his second as a member of the team. He met with the media today after the team's first on-ice session of training camp.

Methot discussed the workouts, the captaincy, the season ahead and playing alongside Erik Karlsson again.

Here's what he had to say...

On day one of skating:

It was a good day. I think the coaches were pretty mindful that it was our first session so they didn't absolutely run us into the ground, but it was still difficult, it felt like our lungs were bleeding — at least mine, in particular. I need the ice time right now but I thought it went well.

On the Ryan/Spezza/Michalek line:

You need a lot of different factors, especially with those guys who are three special players. Milo can do a lot of the grunt work in terms of working the puck into their zone and creating opportunities for Spezza and Bobby. I have yet to really see Spezz play a full season so for me it's an exciting situation to have three guys out there that are all extremely dangerous. It'll only obviously benefit our team.

On the buzz for the team:

I think the biggest thing is we're going into this season healthy. That's the biggest change mentally. When you look at the depth now, you look at the lines because of all the healthy bodies that are back in our lineup, it's huge. It's a big morale boost for all of us and I'm sure, hopefully, it'll take a load off of Andy's shoulders too.

On the captaincy:

You have two real strong candidates with Philly and Spezz. I know as far as the players go we're good with either one of them, I can say great things about both guys. They both lead in different ways. That's not really a huge issue that we're really concerned about right now... From a player's standpoint you look at all the guys with the experience. Neiler's been around here a long time too, but those two guys in particular are guys that a lot of the guys look at and they've got tons of experience here playing for Ottawa, but again, it's up to the coaching staff when it comes down to it. They're going to figure it out.

On Karlsson:

I think (he's back). He's the same Karl out there on the ice at least. From now to game situations, they're two completely different things, but he looks really confident. Karl is at his best when he's on top of the world and everything's going for him. He's a real confident individual. I think he's showing that right now, walking around the room and on the ice. He looks strong. He doesn't look like he has lost a step... He still has that extremely strong pivot up the ice where he can turn on a dime. The whole foot injury doesn't' seem to have affected him.

You can see Marc's full availability here courtesy of Sens TV:

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