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MacArthur speaks!

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

With the Sens set to unveil jersey numbers for Bobby Ryan and Clarke MacArthur tomorrow, I thought it would be useful to pass along an interview MacArthur had recently with the Team 1200 in Ottawa.

He has yet to have a formal media appearance as a member of the Sens, so this is the first chance we've had to get his thoughts on things.

Take a look...

On the signing in Ottawa:

I think there were six or seven teams kicking the tires and I just really thought Ottawa would be a good fit for me. I like where their team is going, they obviously have a great coaching staff there and just from playing against them and their compete level I thought it was going to be a good fit.

On why Ottawa is a fit:

I think it gives me a chance to play on those top couple of lines. A couple of years ago in Toronto when I had those minutes I was able to produce pretty good numbers. And, it's a team that's a playoff team. That was obviously my main focus -- getting back on a playoff team again after getting a taste of it last year. I feel that Ottawa is team that can not only make the playoffs but also do something.

On Paul MacLean's reputation:

I've heard nothing but positive things. Just to see their team with the amount of injuries they had last year and what he was able to do for that young team and the direction he kept them in line with, it's only a positive thing for a player like me to sign there.

On the Toronto/Ottawa rivalry:

I've been in this little division the whole time I've been playing. I think the rivalries with Toronto, Montreal -- Ottawa obviously carved out their own little rivalry with Montreal in the playoffs which was great -- and the Toronto one is great too. I'm looking forward to all those games, they're playoff games from day one it feels like. It'll be a lot of fun.

On playing in a hockey market:

Buffalo was as close to Canada as you can get, really, and then I went to Atlanta. To come back to Toronto where everyone loves the game and everyone kind of eats, breathes and sleeps it. I obviously like staying in Canada and I'm looking forward to it. Ottawa is, just from visiting there and playing there, seems like a great city. It's going to be fun.

On playing with a chip on his shoulder:

I had some setbacks when I was younger but I always felt I could compete and play at that next level. So far I've done that and I feel like I've still got a lot to prove in the NHL. Obviously you want to thrive and strive to be more consistent. It's something over the last couple of years I've tried to do and I want to carry that forward.

On finding out Alfredsson was leaving:

Kind of around the same time (as his signing). It was obviously lingering before that, that he was going to make a move. At that point, you want to play with a guy like that obviously, I wanted to have a chance to play there with him, but at the same time I understand he had to do what he had to do. He's been a faithful guy in Ottawa for a lot of years and you can't blame for feeling Detroit will be a better fit for him. All the best to him. I'm happy to come in there, I hope nobody thinks I'm filling his shoes though.

On playing in the Sens top six:

They have a lot of depth up front and obviously with Spezza he's a marquee centreman in the league and Kyle Turris, from what I've seen, is an up-and-comer with a lot of potential as well. It's going to be an exciting time.

On knowing guys in the room:

I've played with Craig Anderson in the minors so I've known him. Chris Phillips is from out in our area in Alberta. I know a couple of guys, I don't know anyone too well, but I'm sure like all teams everyone seems to be good guys and I'm looking forward to meeting guys.

On Toronto's Game 7 vs. Boston:

That was a tough day in hockey, I've never been a part of anything like that where we, you know, just the last 10 minutes, just an absolute collapse. In Toronto it was a young group and it's a great learning experience -- one you never want to be a part of -- but, at the same time, I just remember getting on the plane after the game and there wasn't a word said for the first half of the flight. It was like, 'was that just a bad dream or what?' Just getting that far and thinking you'll move on to the second round, I learned a lot from that and I want to take what I've learned there and bring it to Ottawa.

For those of you who are more inclined towards audio, you can listen to MacArthur's appearance here on this page.

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