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Kyle Turris on his summer

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Senators forward Kyle Turris stopped by Sens Summer Camps presented by Canadian Tire at the Bell Sensplex today and met with Sens TV after a session meeting and playing soccer with campers. He got put through the tradition gamut of Sens TV summer questions.

Take a look...

Turris also spoke with the Ottawa media about the upcoming season and changes with the Sens. Here's what he had to say...

On moving forward without Spezza:

It's different, you can't deny that but at the same time we're excited, we're moving forward and we're excited about the upcoming year.

On how his responsibilities will change:

I think every body is going to have more responsibility to chip in and contribute and it's something we all understand. We've played when Spezza has been injured and hasn't been there and we know what to expect. We're going to come out and have a good year.

On being a first line centre:

It's something that I've been lucky to learn from Spezz for the three years that I've been here. I kind of went through that a couple of years ago. I've learned from it, I know what to expect and I'm going to be more prepared this year if I get the opportunity.

On if he needs to adjust his game:

I don't think I'm going to adjust my game, maybe the preparation mentally you have to be a little stronger, outside of that I have to continue to play my game and improve my game. I think that will be alright.

On if he has any guess as to the next captain:

There are lots of guys. We all share the leadership group responsibility and it's the same with chipping in whether it be offensively or everybody playing tighter defence. Every one is helping out with leadership and saying things in the room and it could go to a bunch of different guys.

On answering questions about the departure:

It's something that you learn isn't that surprising, it's part of the business and things like this happen. You want the best for the organization, you want the best for the player and in this case it was to go separate ways. Spezz is a great guy, he's a good friend and I wish him the best. I hope he has a lot of success and enjoys Dallas. At the same time I'm really excited about the group we have moving forward into September.

On two captain departures in two years:

I was going to say, when you were saying about things changing and being weird with Spezz being gone, those were the same questions we were getting last year with Alfie. Maybe we've learned from it with Alfie and now we've just got to move forward and get into the right mindset.

On if the team can be better:

I think we can be a different team. Whether that's better or worse, that's for other people to decide. I'm very confident in our group, I think we have a good group, I think everyone is going to be playing the same way and it's going to be fun because we're going to have three or four lines that are going to be contributing offensively every night and three or four lines that are going to be playing defensively every night. Everybody is going to be buying in and everybody is going to be playing the way we want to play.

On Legwand:

I think it's going to be great. I spoke to him a couple of weeks ago, he's really excited. It works out having him, it's going to be fun. He's a good veteran player that's going to help out a lot.

On his training:

It's been great. I've continued to train with Chris Schwarz and Patty and I are working out together every morning. It has been good, we've been working on lots of things we've wanted to improve on and, at the same time, putting on weight and strength. It's been a lot of training but we're ready for some hockey to start up.

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