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Kyle Turris on his development, line and more

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Those of you looking for early season Sens MVPs to this point would be hard-pressed to not have Kyle Turris on your tentative list. Not only has he produced offensively — he has 18 points in 18 games, which puts him second on the team behind Bobby Ryan — he has also played a key role for the Sens on each special teams unit.

Here's what he had to say on his play to this point...

On his growth this season:

Ever since I got here people have used this term "breaking out" and that sort of saying and ever since I got here I've been getting more and more comfortable and I feel I've played alright my first two years. If we played 82 games both of those years I'd be on pace for close to 50 points so I don't feel breaking out would be the right word. I'm just trying to help the team, whether it's putting up points or playing well defensively or doing different things. Playing with Bobby and Clarke is unbelievable, they're amazing players and we've got a lot of chemistry right now and we're just trying to build off of it. I'm doing alright this year but there's still room for improvement and I'm just trying to keep it going and help the team win.

On the extra attention from opponents:

It's just stuff that, like you said, last year was a big learning experience for me. I've never been a first line centre and got that attention from other teams and I learned a lot from it. I admire Spezz for what he does every night, taking that. It's just something where this year I'm taking what I learned last year and applying it to the role I've got this year and ultimately I'm just trying to help Spezz. I know what it's like to take all that heat from last year and everything from the other teams, the top pairings, top D and it's tough. When you have secondary help, it can help you a little bit and that's what our line is just trying to do for Spezz. We're just trying to help him out and take a little bit of the heat off of him.

On his line's 200 foot play:

We all take pride in our zone, it's something that we never want to be a minus or giving up opportunities for the other team to score or get momentum. It's something we take pride in and Bobby and Clarke are both great defensively and we're just trying to be strong in our end and we find we get more offence out of it because we're coming out of the zone with speed and able to play more in their end.

On going from playing against Bobby and Clarke to being linemates:

It's a lot more fun playing with them, that's for sure. I knew Bobby lots before — I actually knew him a bit as a person before too — but he's one of the best goal scorers in hockey, one of the best players in hockey and I knew that coming in. I was really excited that we traded for him this summer. I knew he'd be a great addition and he'd fit really well in the locker room and same with Clarke. They're such good guys and they gel so well with everybody here in the locker room and I think that's part of what made us a good line so far is we've been able to mesh. Clarke I know playing against him in Toronto, he's just a smart player with lots of speed, a good shot, he sees the ice well and it's something he and I like to work is the give-and-go to create space for each other.

As the head coach who has presided over the duration of Turris' time in Ottawa, here's what Paul MacLean had to say on his development...

On Turris' growth over his time:

He's maturing as a player. He has learned how to play, he plays in the middle of the rink, he plays 200 feet, he distributes puck. I think Kyle has really matured into a really good NHL player. He has been very consistent. I think his growth since he has been here in Ottawa has been a real credit to him and his work ethic and his dedication to being a good player.

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