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Karlsson Sighting!

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Having a rough Monday? This should help. CBC Ottawa got video of Erik Karlsson (Yes, that one) skating at the Bell Sensplex today.

Regardless of what this means, it is a very good omen for the Sens.

UPDATE: Here's what Coach MacLean had to say about Erik skating after practice today.

The team has stayed pretty consistent in how they've handled the players returning from injury so it's not surprising to hear that from Coach MacLean. He has emphasized the process with each of the guys who have been out, and going forward we can expect the same vis-a-vis Karlsson.

Now, it is still a stretch as far as we know to say Erik could return this season (or even during the playoffs) but the fact he is on skates and getting around nicely bodes well for his recovery. He appears to be moving fairly well in this brief video and, for a player who depends so heavily on his skating ability, that is and was a big concern with this type of injury.

We knew in the immediate aftermath that Karlsson did have a positive outlook given the recoveries of other NHLers who have had similar injuries Teemu Selanne comes to mind but to see him physically working on it is very encouraging.

If and when we get more info on the nature of his workout today, we'll be sure to pass it along.

Here's the video.

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