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Karlsson provides recovery update

by Craig Medaglia @craigmedaglia / Ottawa Senators

During yesterday's NHL Media Tour in New York City, Sens captain Erik Karlsson sat down with to provide and update on his injury and hints at when he will be ready to return to the line-up this season.

Video: Erik Karlsson updates status for start of the season

On the current status of his recovery:

My expectation is to come back as healthy as I was before the injury so that's the primary goal. When that is? We don't really know. We don't really have a set timeline for things. I haven't started skating yet so once I can start skating we'll know a little bit more on how long it will take. At the same time, I didn't do anything for 3 months because I wasn't allowed to so I still need to get back into a little bit better shape before I start playing competitively.

Some details on his surgically repaired foot:

We went to the best guy in the world for these types of procedures and even though it was a little more complicated than we thought it was going to be, he still believes it will be a full recovery. It's just going to take time and since I lost all my tendons, and I have an artificial one, that's why I needed to take extra time to make sure that my body adapts to the "new thing" in me. It's always going to be a different feeling I think but at the end of the day if it doesn't affect me going forward, I'd rather take a little bit of extra time to make sure that it doesn't jeopardize my future.

On potentially being ready for opening night:

It's going to be a long shot. Once I start skating you never know how quick things will develop. Everything is healed and I should be fine to be able to push it by then but if I don't feel ready then it's probably going to be better for me to not start the season. I'll be back sometime in October for sure.

Tweet from @Senators: Erik Karlsson wearing the #Sens #HockeyFightsCancer jersey for this season during the #NHLMediaTour.

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