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Jim O'Brien: The Entertainer

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Those of you who follow the Sens closely (read: all of you) know that Jim O'Brien has become a sort of hero amongst Sens fans with his unique brand of lighthearted charisma. Needless to say, when we turned over the team Instagram account over to him, the Internet responded well.

For some confirmation there, let's have a look back at #SensInTheCity (See what he did there?) day, for some of the best reaction out there...

It wasn't the first time J.O.B. had entertained the masses. He took home the award for Best Cinematography at Sens Oscars 2013 for solid work as an independent filmmaker.

O'Brien has enjoyed the chance to have some fun for the fans this year and it definitely shines through what he has done.

"Yeah, it definitely feels good. It's good to show your personality and show that, I mean, we're just like everyone else. We like to goof around, have fun, especially when you're not on the ice. When you're on the ice or at the rink it's work and you're so focused and dialed in on everything that when you're away from the rink you just want to relax and goof off just to take your mind off stuff. "

The positive feedback from fans has trickled back to the dressing room. Fan reaction has only served to make guys more eager to do similar stuff.

"A little bit, yeah. If they like it, I like it and it's funny so you keep on doing it. I think Cons (Erik Condra) is pretty good at that stuff too so I think we've got a couple of skits. We're planning them out."

So there you have it, Sens fans. You never know who may pop up and be behind the other screen on your favourite social feeds.

Now, after all that, the serious, hard-hitting question on everyone's mind had to be asked did he get the elephant (pictured above)?

"They wouldn't let me buy it actually, they said 'it's for display purposes only and it's not for sale.'"

You know, you would think an animal known for good luck would have been able to set that up. Everything else went so well.

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