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Jared Cowen post-practice - 3.13.2014

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Jared Cowen rides a two game goal streak into Saturday's tilt with Montreal. Here's what he had to say about his game through 65 games of the season on Thursday...

On the team's mindset:

It feels positive, I think the last game was an interesting game. I don't think that's how we want to play but the third period was a good sign, we got a point out of the game and that's what we were going for. It's do or die right now, we know there's pressure but we're feeling good and performing well so far.

On his two goals after a long drought:

Sometimes you can't control it, I've seen it lots when guys who are our best players can't seem to get a goal. There's nothing you can say except keep doing what you're doing so that's how I feel sometimes but, at the same time, I'm not going to feel bad if I don't score, it's not my job. Obviously I love scoring goals, it's the best part of the game when you get that high and that feeling so I want to keep going and keep scoring for the team.

On his goal scoring hopes:

My last year in junior I scored 18, I was playing a lot of power play so I was getting more point shots and being more involved. I know what that's like and I know how it is to be up there so if I can get up to that eventually — I know it's a building process, it takes time, but it's where I want to be.

On his confidence level:

It's much better. The first few games at the start of the year I felt great and then as the games kept going I felt tightening up in my body. I think that's all hip, that's what it's related to. Just getting over that, it wasn't even a year yet and I'm just over a year now. That's how it goes, it's not my first time doing rehab from a surgery like that. I was surprised because this summer I felt great but summer is a bad indicator of how you're supposed to feel. Now I'm just starting to feel more normal.

On the time off helping his game:

I don't know, sometimes I feel great and sometimes it makes me feel worse, there's no definite recipe for it. I wish there was, though. During the season I think the time off helps a little bit but if it's too much I think there's a negative effect actually.

On his confidence this season:

There have been so many things in my mind I've been trying to deal with in terms of the hip and dealing with that and trying to play well and there's a bit of a domino effect with everything else. It's better now and I feel like I can go out there and play instead of worrying about things like that and I think when I feel like I can just play my game I'm a way better player.

On Bryan Murray's vote of confidence:

That's great, that's how I see it too. I have every intention of being a very important part of this team in the near future and distant future. I have been on every team I've been on so far so I don't think it should be any different here. My goal is to keep pushing forward to that and becoming more of a leader.

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