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Guilty pleasures with Marc Methot

We spend some time listening to Marc Methot's thoughts on the Bachelor Finale as well as his guilty pleasures.

by Brooke Raven @brookeraaven / Ottawa Senators

As some of you may know, the reality TV dating game show "The Bachelor" - aka the guiltiest of all guilty pleasure television shows - aired its season finale earlier this week. Some people openly admit to keeping up with the show that consists of love, tears and a whole lot of drama. Others…not so much. Then you have the types of people who just absolutely hate it.

Embed - Twitter: Tweet from @ErikKarlsson65: I wonder how many times nick cried on this season but it must be a record #TheBachelorFinale

After seeing the Sens captain openly tweet about watching the Bachelor Finale, I started to wonder if his defence partner Marc Methot tuned in on Monday night too. So today, I spoke to Marc to hear his thoughts on the Bachelor Finale as well as some of his guilty pleasures.

On tuning in to the Bachelor Finale:

You know, it's funny you ask. That was the first entire episode I've ever watched and it was all because my girlfriend forced me to. But I got into it, and I mean…it is terrible television but I can see the allure behind it. They grab you pretty good with it.

On his thoughts about who won:

I was surprised! I thought Raven was going to win. It didn't seem like - what was it Vanessa who won? It didn't seem like her and Nick had a lot of chemistry especially at the re-encounter that they had after the show so I feel like that's not going to last. I'm probably elaborating more than I should on this anyways, but those are my thoughts on it.

Does Bachelor drama ever come up in conversation inside the locker room?

Oh god no. You don't hear a word about that at the rink. Nobody cares for it. The few guys like myself that get suckered into it watching watch it…but it's not really a hot topic in the locker room.

If there was one guy on the team that you could choose to be on the Bachelor who would make you want to watch, who would it be?

I'd have to say Erik just because he's so cheesy in general. He's cheese when it comes to his Instagram and he's that guy that watches all of those movies and TV shows so I'd have to pick him for it.

Has there ever been a movie that you've cried in?

A good movie like Braveheart at the end when Mel Gibson dies I kind of get emotional during scenes like that and Gladiator and all those movies. The love/drama movies I'm not really that big into…I mean I'll get sucked into watching them once in a while but that's about it...The Notebook was years ago before her [my girlfriend] and I were together but once in a while they're good. They're not terrible; they're just not my choice. I like science fiction and action movies, dramas…those are sort of my realm.

What's the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

I think I've got some Spice Girls songs on there just from years ago. I don't even listen to it but it's probably still there. I guess I could work out to the Spice Girls but I'm more of a heavy-metal or rap guy when I'm working out.

What's your guilty pleasure snack?

Cheese. I love pizza but if it's just a snack then I'd have to say cheese. I like to have nice cheeses in my fridge so once in a while I'll go cut a few pieces. I mean who doesn't like cheese? I think anything you can put it on I'd probably enjoy. 

What is the weirdest thing on your bucketlist? 

I've always wanted to go fishing up "north" north. We went to Northwest Territories a couple of years ago with the team during the lockout. I'd like to get back up there and do a summer trip. Something that probably isn't very orthadox. I think a lot of people have a hard time getting up there as it is but I'd like to get back up there. It was beautiful and the people were very friendly. 

Instagram from @marcmeth3t: Caught a monster today w the boys on the #meanmugging

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