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Greening: A Loud Start To The Playoffs

by Sens Player blog / Ottawa Senators

We got the playoffs started Thursday night and I can tell you it was definitely a lot louder at Madison Square Garden than when we played there in the regular season, especially in the first few minutes when the anthems were going on. So it was pretty exciting for my first game in the Stanley Cup playoffs and it was fun for all of us to feed off that. Game 1 of any series is going to be pretty exciting, especially here in New York.

Colin Greening felt the noise at Madison Square Garden during Game 1 of the playofffs against the New York Rangers (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images).
People sometimes ask if your game-day routine changes in the playoffs, but I’d say it was the same. There’s really no difference. It’s a playoff game and you realize how important it is, but you don’t want to change too much just because if you change your routine, you change who you are as a person. I just usually do the same thing for myself. I just warm up properly and do the same things.

Even though we lost Game 1, we’re still feeling really good about things. We played pretty well last night, except for a few parts of the game. We’ve just got to finish a little bit better and get some more chances but overall, we’re still feeling pretty confident. We felt like we were in the game the whole time and, when it was 4-0, I don’t think the score was indicative of the play.

On Friday, we practised at a rink called Chelsea Piers, which is right on the Hudson River in Manhattan. It’s definitely a little bit different than playing as MSG, but it’s fun to get away every now and then. When we’re there, it’s really open, there’s a lot of light coming in through the windows that are one side of the rink. It’s a smaller rink, too, but it’s fun to get away sometimes and do something different.
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