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Gameday Journal presented by Monarch Homes: Game 41 — Bruins vs. Senators

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

4:45 PM: Get set for puck drop with Gord Wilson and Sens TV...

4:30 PM: Today's Gameday Goodie talks home-and-homes and rivalries with Erik Condra. Take a look...

4:10 PM: Craig Anderson returns to the crease for the Sens tonight after getting Friday night off. Here's what he had to say...

On getting back in goal:

The good news is we're starting from scratch, it's 0-0 tonightand it's one of those things where you've got to have a bad memory, forget those games and move on.

On what needs to be different from last night:

From my standpoint I thought we had a good first period and we have to continue that. We have to stick with what works, we have to be consistent in our play. We can't have the ups and downs, you have to limit the down time you have and try to maximize the up time. You can't have the peaks and valleys, you have to be as even keel as you can be and play the same way at all times.

On the consistency struggles:

That's the funny thing about this game, it's momentum and when you have momentum things can kind of get spinning out of control for the team that doesn't have momentum. You see that going back and forth. The good teams, the elite teams, they're able to weather the storm or take that momentum and find ways to change it quickly. The longer you don't have momentum the more bad things happen to you.

On Boston's response after the first:

We made some costly errors and they capitalized on them. A 3-0 game with 10 minutes to go and we're still kind of battling in it and then we make a mistake and they make it 4-0. It's one of those nights where you just want the night to be over with. You've got to find ways to battle through and push through and work on things. You've got to get better, you can't be getting worse out there and that's kind of the thing we need to work on is keep getting better regardless of what the score is.

On trying to do less:

When things don't go right, they don't go the way you want to, sometimes you try to do too much. It's one of those things where you do your own job. If you have your man then you've done your job and trust your teammates are going to do their job. There's going to be breakdowns, there's going to be mistakes, but if you make less compound mistakes — if one guy misses his man or misses his job and another guy runs out of position, now we have two guys out of position instead of just having one — it's one of those things where if we have one mistake we can live with it, but if we make two or three multiple mistakes in a small timeframe, that's when things start to go sour for us.

On if he was surprised he didn't play yesterday:

No, the plan, we talked about what the plan was before even the Pittsburgh game was that this is how it was going to play out and we didn't deviate from that plan. That's one of those things where we had a plan and we're sticking to it and shutout or not, it's one of those things where we had three days off, it wasn't like we we're going right back in the saddle there. Coach's decision, that's what he planned out and we didn't deviate.

3:15 PM: Erik Karlsson spoke to the media after today's skate. Here's what he had to say...

On if the team quit last night:

No, I don't think I really meant it that way, but I just think we can't just roll over and die even though we're down a couple of goals and it's late in the game. I probably did the same thing. It's on everyone and that's one of the things we need to work on.

On if the turnaround makes things easier:

Yeah, we have to, we have to focus on tonight's game. We've beat them in the past and we know we can beat them, we've just got to find a way to erase the small mistakes we've made and capitalize on the few mistakes they make.

On if confidence is affected by a bad loss:

No, I don't think so. We've been here long enough to know this is the way it's going to be. Sometimes you're going to have flat games and sometimes you're going to have great games. It doesn't really affect you that much.

On the team's response:

We can't let it get to us that much. No matter if you're the best team in the league you're still going to get scored on. It's how you react after that happens and, you know, we've got to try and find a way to push even harder even though we're down one or two goals or even more.

On the effects of benching players:

I think you have to ask the coach about that one. I've been benched a couple of times in my career and I'll probably get benched a couple of more times. I'll try not to obviously, but I probably will.

2:30 PM: Here's what Bobby Ryan had to say ahead of today's rematch between the Sens and Bruins...

1:30 PM: Here are today's projected lineups for the Sens and Bruins...

Ottawa Senators


Michalek - Spezza - Conacher

MacArthur - Turris - Ryan

Greening - Smith - Neil

Zibanejad - Pageau - Condra


Cowen - Karlsson

Phillips - Ceci

Methot - Corvo




Boston Bruins


Lucic - Krejci - Iginla

Marchand - Bergeron - Smith

Johnson - Spooner - Fraser

Paille - Campbell - Caron


Chara - Boychuk

McQuaid - Krug

Bartkowski - Warsofsky




12:40 PM: Here's what Paul MacLean had to say after today's morning skate...

On tonight's lineup:

Craig Anderson is the goalie and Joe Corvo is going to go in for Eric Gryba.

On Chris Phillips' status:

He's got a little bit of a bobo but he's going to be more than likely a game time type of thing. Right now we'll see how it goes. If he can't go we'll put Patrick Wiercioch in.

On the turnaround helping put last night behind them:

I'm not sure if it's easier but you certainly don't have time to stew over it. We have to assess it and find solutions and move on to the next day, which I think is always good. In a game when you have something bad happen you can turn around and do it right away and against the same team again it can serve as a motivator so we welcome the opportunity to play the Bruins tonight and are looking forward to it.

On if Boston "schooled" the Sens:

No, they didn't…they came out — we controlled the first period, really did a lot of good things and had them playing in their zone but, again, they stuck to what they do and they come out of it with nothing, nothing. Scoring chances were 4-1 in the period, even though we had lots of play in their zone they defended quite well, didn't give up those second and third opportunities and in the second period they come out and continue to put their foot on the gas and continue to do what they did and we didn't respond or we couldn't respond. We didn't defend, obviously, as well as they did. It was a bit of a clinic in the second and third period compared to the first period but then again, the other night against Pittsburgh, we kind of did the same thing too.

On why they fell short:

A lot of it has to do with way they played and how well they managed the puck and how well they got on and off the ice. Our shift length got extended for some players up to 20 seconds longer in the second period than they were on the ice in the first period. And, like we said all along, if you play too much in your end and you're on the ice too long bad things are going to happen. That's an issue we've had, our execution, turned over pucks, ended up taking penalties, Robin gave us a chance to come out of the period down 1-0.

On players trying to do too much:

We've had that, we had that at times last night. I think in the last 10 games we've gotten away from that and we've been way more controlled under pressure and staying within the structure of our team. Last night a couple of times in the second period we got circling around and we didn't do a very good job by being structured. That's something we continue to struggle with this season is staying within the structure of our game when the pressure is on.

On the Turris line's ice time:

More to do with their ice time was the fact their shift length went from 39 seconds to almost a minute. It was 57, or 20-something seconds in the diference. When you get caught on the ice for those long shifts it gets hard to put you right back on the ice in the right rotation. If you don't get on and off the ice it's hard to get you right back on the ice so that you're going to be effective. The part of it is, for Bobby Ryan, he doesn't kill penalties. His linemates and other players that do kill penalties, their minutes get higher than his.

On if they'd shift Ryan to get more ice time:

Yeah, we give that lots of thought. If you don't get on and off the ice it's hard to get you on the ice.

On if changes may come:

Well I think along that line, we have a great belief in this group, that they have the makings of a good group. Are they right now? Nope, they're not. Do we need to make changes to it? We evaluate that every day. In order to make change somebody has to leave and somebody has to come in so if you're making change just to make a change, right now we're not at that point, just making a change just to make a change. If we can make a change that's going to improve our progression in becoming an elite team or a better team in the National Hockey League, then yeah, we're going to do that, just like every other team is going to do that — make a change that's going to make a difference. But just a change to change, I think we're going to be patient, we have great belief in our young players, that they're going to improve and they are improving, we just have to keep working with them and coming here every day and working at getting better. The process is what it is, we can't speed it up.

On if he is coaching differently:

Well we try not to but I think when we go through this process we've done a lot of different things. The process when it's like this, it has been a hard process. We've done things different, does that mean we've changed? I'm not sure if that means we've changed. We've done some things differently and circumstances have dictated that, but if we evaluate ourselves as a coaching staff we need to do better too.

10:30 AM: The Sens are on the ice for their morning skate...

10:00 AM: The Ottawa Senators will look to take a win from their home-and-home series with the Boston Bruins tonight.

The Sens came up short in the first leg by a 5-0 score. After a strong first period for Ottawa which was stalemated by Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask, Boston took over the final 40 minutes to earn a 5-0 win.

The Sens will hit the ice for their morning skate at 10:15 today and I'll have plenty of updates to follow including, but not limited to, lineup changes, players' thoughts on tonight's game, Sens TV updates, Instagram goodness and more.

Stay tuned!

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