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Finish the sentence... with Ray Emery

by Staff Writer / Ottawa Senators
Ottawa Senators goaltender Ray Emery sleeps with his eyes open.

From time to time throughout the 2006-07 season, asks a player to finish a series of sentences to learn more about his life in and away from the hockey rink. Goaltender Ray Emery is featured this week.

1. My favourite season of the year is... summer.
2. My favourite holiday is... Christmas.
3. The last book I read was... Angels of Death: Inside the Biker Gangs' Crime Empire.
4. My favourite NFL team is... right now I like Cincy (Cincinnati Bengals) but I also like watching Tyrell Owens, so I watch a bit of the Dallas Cowboys.
5. If I wasn't a professional hockey player, I'd be... designing clothes or own a clothing store.
6. The most influential people in my career are... my parents (Paul and Charlene) because of the way they approached the game. They made sure I remembered hockey should be fun.
7. The funniest teammate I ever played with is... Ryan Healey in junior with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds. He was a bit of a stand-up comedian.
8. The first job I ever had was... cutting grass. I also worked at a gas station.
9. The player I idolized most growing up was... Grant Fuhr and I watched Sean Burke a lot. I wanted to try and play like him.
10. The most embarrassing album/CD in my collection is... Nelly Furtado or Sheryl Crow.
11. The NHL's toughest player today is... Grats (teammate Brian McGrattan).
12. The NHL's toughest goalie to score on today is... Dom (former teammate Dominik Hasek).
13. Away from the rink my favourite thing to do is... relax on the couch and watch movies.
14. When getting ready for a game, I... drink lots of water and listen to music. I have to have a song in my head when I play. I've got to switch it up though. I don't like keeping the same song in my head game after game.
15. I wear No. 1 because... as a kid you usually had to choose between No. 1 and No. 16 to play goalie. Also, because I liked watching Earl Winfield, a wide receiver with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He wore No. 1.
17. I first knew I had a shot at the NHL when... I was drafted.
18. My teammates and friends have a tough time beating me at... everything.
19. As a reward for following a healthy diet, the favourite treat I allow myself to have occasionally is... dill pickle chips.
20. The thing that motivates me everyday is... I like adventure. I can't wait to have fun.
21. You would be surprised to know that I... sleep with my eyes open.
22. My favourite movie is... Life with Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy. Murphy is my favourite actor.
23. My favourite television show growing up was... The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
24. The first team I played for was... Dofasco Stars tykes in Hamilton.
25. My closest friends in the NHL are... Spezz and Grats.
26. If I was featured in a movie, the best actor to portray me would be... Wesley Snipes.

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