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Finish the sentence... with Christoph Schubert

by Staff Writer / Ottawa Senators
Senators defenceman Christoph Schubert thinks Russell Crowe would be a good actor to portray him in a movie.

by Todd Anderson

From time to time throughout the 2006-07 season, asks a player to finish a series of sentences to learn more about his life in and away from the hockey rink. Christoph Schubert is featured this week. 
1. My favourite season of the year is... playoff season.
2. My favourite holiday is... during the summer because I can go home and visit with family and friends who I haven't seen in a while.
3. The last book I read was... some German thriller. Don't ask me the name, I forget. I also like magazines like FHM, Men's Health Magazine and, of course, The Hockey News.
4. The last CD I bought was... a Christmas CD.
5. If I wasn't a professional hockey player, I'd be ... sitting in some office behind a computer desk.
6. The one athlete whose autograph I most want is... Tiger Woods.
7. The most influential person in my career is... my father Alfred. He supported me since I was small and had a lot of good ideas.
8. The best European cities to visit are... Stockholm and Munich.
9. The funniest teammate I ever played with is... actually our whole group in my third year with Binghamton (AHL) was unbelievable. We had a successful and fun team.
10. The upcoming Scotiabank Place that interests me the most is... Christina Aguilera. I'll try to go to that show if we're not on the road.
11. My favourite movies are... Ladder 49, Ocean's 11 and Saw I,II and III.
12. The most embarrassing album/CD in my collection is... a Michael Jackson CD from the '80s. My mom bought it for me.
13. I took my last vacation in... Dominican Republic.
14. The best concerts I ever saw were... Bon Jovi and Robbie Williams, both in Munich.
15. The first job I ever had was... in a grocery store restocking the dairy section.
16. The player I idolized most growing up was... Nicklas Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings.
17. My favourite TV shows are... The Amazing Race and Entourage.
18. My first memory of hockey is... scoring my first goal.
19. The NHL's toughest player today is... Georges Laraque.
20. The NHL's toughest goalies to score on today are... (Martin) Brodeur and (Dominik) Hasek.
21. Away from the rink, my favourite thing to do is... sleep.
22. The first hockey team I played for was... EC Hedos Munich when I was six.
23. My closest friend in the NHL is...Christian Ehrhoff of the San Jose Sharks.
24. My favourite hockey memories are... playing in the last two Olympics, scoring my first NHL goal and my first NHL game. Also, all the world championships I played in.
25. My favourite actor/actress is... Denzel Washington.
26. After my playing career, I ... actually have no plans yet. I want to play as long as I can.
27. When I start dressing for a game the first thing I do is... apparently put everything on my left side first. I didn't know that until somebody told me. I guess it's become a habit now.
28. I wear No. 5 because... I was told I was not allowed to wear No. 13.
29. I first knew I had a shot at the NHL when... the Ottawa Senators drafted me.
30. My teammates and friends have a tough time beating me at... my hard shot.
31. If I was featured in a movie, the best actor to portray me would be... Russell Crowe.
32. As a reward for following a healthy diet, the favourite treat I allow myself to have occasionally is... chocolate.

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