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David Legwand on his first day as a Senator

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

David Legwand took part in his first official day as a Senator on Thursday as the team opened training camp at Canadian Tire Centre. Here's what he had to say about his new team and the year ahead...

On the adjustment to being a Senator:

It's good, we've been here for three weeks so it's been pretty easy. It's good to start the camp and open it up and do the testing and those types of things.

On the fitness testing:

It's pretty standard I think now. Teams do different types of testing with bikes and on-ice. You still have to go out there and play hockey at the end of the day and we're excited to get started.

On his enthusiasm for the season:

It's exciting, it's a younger team and enthusiastic guys and I'm excited to get started on the ice and do those types of things tomorrow and Saturday and get right into games on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.

On excitement for the season as a veteran:

I think everybody gets the feeling at this time of year. The regular season is three weeks away and you've got those 20 days to really get to know your team and your teammates and the systems and the organization — those types of things. It should be good.

On where he sees himself on the depth chart:

I have no idea, it's a whole new group, it's a young group and hopefully I can help some of these kids out and teach them some stuff along the way. Last year is the past and we're going to start with a fresh slate for everybody.

On his approach behind the scenes:

I think you've got to bring a voice, you've got to get to know the guys and the group and where you fit in, when to say something and when not to. You can go out there and lead and help guys out on the ice and do those types of things. Being around for as long as I have and being lucky to play as long as I have, you've got to help guys out with some of that stuff and help them around the League and those types of things. It should make it easier for some of them.

On why he chose Ottawa:

I think everything — the young group, the enthusiasm, the chance to play. There's going to play a chance to play some big minutes to help some guys out and to be in some situations to be in that I like to be in myself. I've just got to go out there on the ice and that'll take care of itself.

On talking to Mike Fisher about Ottawa:

I've talked to Fish quite a bit, we're pretty close, we sat next to each other on the plane. I talked to him and he kind of walked me through everything and told me how great it was. I think he still misses it here too a little bit but he's excited to be where he is with his family which is good.

On being a defender on Nashville during Bobby Ryan's famous playoff goal:

Still talking about it, ha? Back to the goal? It's fine, it happened, I always say we won the series. It was one goal in a big series and a big goal and it happens. He's a hell of a hockey player and he's got a great set of hands on him. He's going to do that to a lot of people throughout his career.

On what Fisher said was good about playing in Ottawa:

Everything — the people, the fans, the organization, he loved it here. He may come back, who knows one day? You never know. He loved it here. Loved the people, loved the fans, loved the community and helped a lot of people out.

On if he was told by Fisher about Ottawa before he considered it a destination:

Yeah, sitting next to him on the plane for three years and talking about each other's past experiences. You get to learn and some of those things stick in the back of your head.

On if fans should thank Fisher for him signing in Ottawa:

I don't think fans owe players anywhere anything, guys love playing where they're playing. We play in the best league in the world and you're excited to play night in and night out and if you're not that's a big problem... During free agency there's options out there and this was a destination that when Spezza left and not getting a centre in return opened a little hole.

On his goals for the season:

Getting to the playoffs, that's my goal. Personal goals are something for younger players. My goal is to get into the playoffs and win playoff games and do those types of things at this stage in my career and I'm excited to help the team do that.

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