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Cowen returns to Ottawa

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

The Sens welcomed back a familiar face today in Ottawa as Jared Cowen took to the ice for the first time with his team since signing his contract this past Saturday. He skated on a pairing with Patrick Wiercioch during today's scrimmage and helped the white team to a 4-2 win over the red team.

Cowen spoke to the media after today's round of practice sessions on coming back to Ottawa to rejoin the team.

Here's what he had to say...

On getting back out on CTC ice:

It felt pretty weird, actually. Nice to get back out there but it didn't feel right, felt a little awkward but I've been skating back home with the university there, but it's not the same calibre of players. It was nice but I felt a little uncomfortable but I'm assuming next time we get out there I'll feel better.

On when he expects to play:

I feel like I could have played but I'm glad I'm not because I just want to take my time and get back with the guys. At the same time I still feel pretty good and feel like I'm not far behind at all, I've been working hard at home, hard workouts so I'm glad with how I feel and hopefully in the next couple of games I'll get in.

On where he expects to slot in:

I haven't talked to anyone about that and I'm assuming I won't either. I think I'll wait to see how it all works out, who's looking good. I think pre-season is the best way to actually tell that anyways because everyone is new and things kind of just work out for the best. There's no one I really feel like I should be playing with or should not be playing with and that's a good thing, everyone is pretty good and I feel comfortable with everyone out there.

On negotiations:

Well I don't enjoy the process anyways, I've watched guys go through it and I never thought I'd be that guy who takes so long. Actually I'm pretty happy I was there for negotiations in the lockout because it's similar in a way, you understand how things work then and you can't get impatient or frustrated with just how things work. It was a learning experience, I'm not frustrated with the team at all, they're doing their job too and I'm doing mine. I think both parties were happy with the deal.

On playing with Wiercioch:

I don't think I've played with him ever in a game but today it felt good and if we can do that, that's a pretty good young pair.

On if he's rusty:

A little bit, I didn't feel awesome today but I didn't feel bad which is good since I didn't skate yesterday.

On his puck carrying in the scrimmage:

Good ice out there, in Saskatoon it was pretty bad so I'm just enjoying the better ice.

On who he trained with:

Before I was left behind by everyone there was a lot of pros and then U of S which is pretty good, but it's not the same, was the best I could find and then I skated by myself the last couple of days just conditioning and lots of skating on the ice. I feel good though in terms of lungs and legs so I'm pretty happy with that.

On the hip injury:

It's fine, I mean, it's just maintenance stuff, I've got to keep on it which is normal. It's not like it's hindering me on the ice which is awesome. I think when I had knee surgery it was worse so I feel pretty good.

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