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Coach MacLean post-practice - 3.11.2014

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

The Sens had a lengthy practice on Tuesday ahead of Wednesday night's Sens Skills event. Here's what head coach Paul MacLean had to say after the skate.

On yesterday's game as a positive or negative:

I think it ended up being both. It think it ended up being negative in the second period when we get down 3-0 and then it turns into a positive where the game obviously got away on you and then you get it back to get something out of the game. I think that turns out to be a big positive by the end of the night that you at least get a point out of it. That's the way I look at it.

On using the break between games to work on things:

Well we have to work on the skills competition tomorrow and then Thursday and Friday we'll come back and work. We obviously worked again on our defensive zone play. Our scoring chances against since the Olympic break are too high. We have to find a way to not only play in our defensive zone but play in the offensive zone. Our play through the three zones has to continue to get better to get that number down. If we get that number down we're always a much better team when it's under 12 and right now we're over 12... It has come up a bit since the break. The last few games going into the break we did a much better job of it. Why is it that way? We've turned over pucks. We came back from the break and we turned over the puck again. Before the break we were much more efficient with the puck and we're starting — I thought last night we executed poorly in the second period but as the game went on obviously in the third period we executed with the puck better and as a result didn't give up as much and played in their end.

On the turnovers:

Turnovers are going to happen in the game, you're trying to create offence and try to score goals, turnover are going to happen. You'd like to limit them but at the same time it's what you do after you turn the puck over. A lot is recognizing we're not on offence anymore, we're on defence, and not having a pause like a "one steamboat, two steamboat, three steamboat, oh I've got to go," type of thing. Then it's too late. Our transition game, not only with the puck and getting it moving, but it's the transition game when you don't have the puck and getting back on defence where we're trying to focus on and make sure we get a quicker and better reaction when the play goes the other way and get ourselves back in a good spot.

On Anderson:

Well he took the one high hard one so we gave him the day to rest that up. It appears like he's going to be alright is the end of it but we felt today was a good day to let him heal up... He got bumped and I think it was his shoulder again where he got the shot from, a stinger is what they described it to me from where Weber hit him with the shot... On Saturday right now I have no concern that he wouldn't be ready to go.

On Ceci:

Right now he's day-to-day. Today I thought he was better, still pretty sore, but I guess he felt better. If he gets better again he's supposed to go for the public skate tomorrow and then we'll have more indication then if there's anything more to it. It's a pretty significant cut and it's pretty painful right now... I don't think (he's suffering from anything) abnormal at this point other than the injury itself.

On Smith:

He was just tired, he's playing a lot, he's playing hard. He had enough, he reached his limit, so we said get off the ice. Maintenance for him.

On MacArthur:

It seemed like he wasn't limited. They got him situated with however they tape it up and whatnot, it seemed like he had no issue shooting the puck so we anticipate that if there's no setback from it that he'll be ready to play on Saturday.

On the skills competition:

It's an opportunity for them to have fun and entertain the fans. Any time you do it it's going to be a fun night. They're eventually going to have some fun, they do play a game and I think tomorrow is an opportunity for them to really be kids and just go out and play the game and have fun doing it. I think if I was them I would be looking forward to it.

On Peverley:

Well when I saw it when I went home last night it was on the news and it's a terrible thing to have happen. Having been there for one previous event, it's scary. It's really scary to see something like that happen. You don't expect that from professional athletes who are at the highest fitness level that that would happen to them. It gives you a bad feeling in your stomach.

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