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Coach MacLean post-practice - 2.28.2014

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

The Sens returned to the ice on Friday before hopping on a flight to Vancouver for the Heritage Classic on Sunday. Head coach Paul MacLean offered his thoughts on last night's loss, the event ahead and more after the skate.

Here's what he had to say...

On last night's loss after review:

We did a lot of good things. I think it was masked by the quality of the turnovers we gave them. It really puts a taint on the whole thing. There was improvement in areas of our game but at the end of it, it's still 6-1 and they blew us out of the rink. We have to get ready for the next game.

On keeping perspective despite the scoreline:

Well we're trying to address that today. You can't play in this league if you're trying to survive and that's the danger you're talking about with the Boston game and now this game. You can't just play trying to survive, you have to play to win. That's something we tried to address today and talked about was let's make sure we get ready for the next game and we've got to make sure we come to play the game to win the game.

On balancing excitement for the Heritage game in perspective:

The excitement is a good thing. I think we should be looking forward to the opportunity that we have in Vancouver in the Heritage game. I think it's a good stage for us to be on and I think it's a good thing for us. I think it's exactly what we need, a big event like this to really get us focused and ready to play.

On handling deadline stress:

The only way you control that is by how you play and if you're an inconsistent team that has played the way that we've played, that's hockey. You deserve to be a little uneasy. You shouldn't be comfortable with the situation. We're five points out of the playoffs, we've been an inconsistent team all year long, you just got blown out in the last two games. I'm not comfortable. You should never be comfortable in this league because there's always somebody trying to take your job and you have to come here scared to death that the opportunity is going to be taken away from you and you have to work to get better every day. I don't think it changes whether the deadline is here or the deadline is gone. There's always somebody looking to take your job and you've got to always be guarded against that and you have to come here every day with that fear in your belly.

On potential lineup changes:

We made changes to them today and we'll evaluate them if we like them or not. We're going to consider, again, everybody who gives us the best chance to win going into Sunday's game and we'll do that on the plane today, we'll do that tomorrow at practice and we'll make a final decision then.

On how he explains last night's loss:

Stuff happens on the ice. Can we just say that we're young? No. Is it a lack of preparation? I don't know, I thought we started the game pretty good. We had two or three of the best scoring chances in the game, we hit their goalie and they missed ours. How do we explain why we turned over pucks the way we did? That's what we're trying to discover, that's what we're trying to find is a solution for that. We found a solution for it for a number of games through December and January and we need to find it quicker.

On the letdown after a week of prep:

It's disappointing, it's scary, whatever term you want. It's not what we expected. We went into the game last night expecting to be very good and we were very good, we came out and we started good until the first timeout, there's seven minutes left in the period and then they get two within a minute. It went downhill after that. Is that being young? Is that being an inconsistent team? I guess there's a lot of variables, that has happened to us on a number of occasions this year where we've given up one, we've given up two. It's a process and we have to find solutions.

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