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Coach MacLean post-practice - 12.17.2013

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

On the heels of a big win over the St. Louis Blues and ahead of a road trip to New Jersey, Paul MacLean offered his thoughts on the Monday win and the road ahead for the Sens.

Here's what he had to say...

On the St. Louis game:

It looked better, we'd like to see it again is what we're looking for right now. We did a lot of things really well. I thought we dictated much better how the game was played than being reactive to what the opposition did except for that little spell in the second period where we found a way to give them the lead but we responded in the third period and I thought we played very well and deserved to win.

On what was different about the prep:

They did something different, they're not telling me. As long as they keep it up it's fine with me.

On carrying momentum forward:

It's another test for us in the same way it has been all year long. Do it once, but can you do it twice or more often than that now. We get an opportunity to do it twice and they can go review how they prepared and we can review how we prepared and try to do the same things so that we're ready to play the game tomorrow night and we're ready to compete at the level we're ready to be dictators of the game instead of reactors.

On Ceci's demeanour:

The experience I've had with him he has been pretty calm, but I'm sure it's like a duck, the legs underneath are going pretty good, the butterflies are going, but he has played with good poise and it's good to see in a young player that he is able to come in and play that way.

On Karlsson and Ryan missing practice:

Maintenance days

On if Methot will play on Wednesday:

I believe he is closer to being ready if he's not ready and we're going to consider it for sure, but sometimes when you win games, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, don't change it. We're going to give everyone consideration to be in the lineup for tomorrow's game.

On Pageau's play:

Last night I liked his game way better because he wasn't careful, he just went out and played. I thought earlier in the year he was careful, I thought his first part of the games when we recalled him he was careful, but I thought last night he came out and he played. He was more involved in the game, he dictated how his shifts went rather than reacted to the opposition. That's what we like to see from him and that's what he brings for us is that energy and that speed and I thought he did a good job of it last night.

On Karlsson's play vs. St. Louis:

It was a good game by a lot of guys, I thought Jared Cowen had an outstanding game, I thought Phillips and Ceci were good on our back end, I thought Wiercioch and Joe Corvo had fine games as well, the goalie played fine, the forwards all played good. Erik, I thought, was very involved in the game with the puck and without the puck he might have drove the net six times which is significant. When Erik skates and is involved in the game with his skating ability offensively and defensively, that's usually a good game for us.

On tomorrow's starter:

Robin Lehner

On Lehner's play yesterday:

He was the goalie, he had to make a couple — we didn't give him lots that he had to make spectacular saves on, I just thought he was an NHL goalie. He was calm in the net and made the one big two pad stack that Wammer go back in time, which was classic goaltending, maybe not millenium goaltending, I just thought he was a goalie. He was solid in the net.

On if he'll run with the hot goalie:

Well we always go game by game no matter what. We've discussed everything today, we feel Robin is going to play and after the game tomorrow night we'll make a decision for Thursday.

On the St. Louis game rolling four lines:

I thought the LA game we played four lines. Lately, we're playing six games in 10 days so we're trying to play four lines more than we may have earlier in the year or whatever the circumstances dictate, but there were times last night — we start the third period and we played three lines. It wasn't strictly a four line game, usually when you're behind you shorten your bench, I thought after it got down to the last time out it was potentially unfair to give Conacher, Condra and Pageau a shift at that point in time with the game tied.

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