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Coach MacLean post-practice - 11.4.2013

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

The Senators got a mid-day practice out of the way in Ottawa before the team took off for Columbus on Monday. Sens head coach Paul MacLean updated the status of Craig Anderson and a handful of other issues on Monday.

Here's what he had to say...

On Craig Anderson's status:

All of the test and scans whatever they did last night came back all negative and he's day-to-day depending on the level of comfort with the stiff neck... He's not travelling to Columbus with us, no. Other than that I don't know anything more than that, it could be day-to-day. We'll see when we come back Wednesday where he is for Thursday and onward but it's as positive as it could be.

On if there will be a call-up:

For tomorrow night's game I believe it's going to be Lawson, but they played last night and I haven't heard an update on if anything happened to any of their guys, but right now the talk is Lawson will be the guy who is going to come in.

On what they can build off of:

The way we played the third period and got ourselves, again, found a way to dig in and get a point is great. We need victories, not moral victories, but we have to start somewhere and I think the last two games we started to dig in and get an identity that we can work with and play with and we'll have to continue to work at it. We have to find a way to win a game and the next one is tomorrow night.

On Mark Borowiecki:

I thought he kept it simple and he was physical and he brought that workmanlike attitude that we felt we needed and a competitive attitude is what we needed so we're very pleased with how he played.

On the keys to recent penalty kill successes:

Only killing off three instead of eight helps a lot. We haven't taken as many penalties — although we did take the four minute penalty and the 5-on-3 the other night — but I think the structure and the people are getting used to it. We've had the same people doing it and I think once they get used to each other and the structure of it that it'll continue to get better. A big part of it is not taking as many penalties and I think we're winning more faceoffs in that situation.

On finding stable linemates for Jason Spezza:

I'd like to get stable linemates for everybody, not just for Jason Spezza. That would be good for our whole group if you could have stable linemates for everybody. Right now we're still searching for those combinations. I think that right now that MacArthur, Turris and Bobby Ryan seem to be a group that have good chemistry and moving forward they have played very well to this point. The other six or nine forwards have been a little bit of a jumble and we'll have to find solutions for them and when we do we'll leave them the way they are.

On Jared Cowen's game:

Jared's game is coming around, it's been a little slower maybe than we anticipated it would, but we have to remember he did miss a whole year and he did miss some of training camp. Any time you miss that much it takes time to get back up to speed and get back into the rhythm of the game. I think his last two games have been better than his previous two games to that, but again, it still needs to be better. I think when he concentrates on the physical side of the game and being hard to play against, that simplifies his game and he's a much better player.

On playing with Karlsson to help simplify his game:

That would be part of it, yes. We've had a lot of people play with Erik for a lot of reaosns. Jared's a stay at home guy — I don't like using that term — but Jared is a solid player and he needs help, Erik needs help and we all need help. We're searching for pairs just like we are with forward lines that can help one another play well together. We tried them together last night and we'll see how it goes.

On if tomorrow's defensive pairings are set:

Not at this point. I don't think that we've made a final decision yet, no.

Sens TV has his availability here...

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