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Coach MacLean post-practice - 11.26.2013

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

The Sens hit the ice today at Canadian Tire Centre prior to their departure for Washington for a date with the Capitals on Wednesday night. Sens coach Paul MacLean met with the media as per usual to give his updates on the team ahead of their departure.

Here's what he had to say...

On Borowiecki:

He got through the practice today which is a credit to him and his fitness level. We'll see how he gets through it and we'll sort it out before tomorrow. If he's ready to play we'll have to talk to Gerry and make sure, but he got through it today so my expectation is he'll be available.

On tomorrow's goalie:

Yes I have (made a decision) but I'm going to make sure everyone goes to the pre-game skate tomorrow and we can all find out together then. I don't want to waste our time at the pre-game skate.

On getting confidence back in the group:

We did some different things today but we, basically, we're trying to get ready for the next game and work off what we did or didn't do in well in Detroit and Carolina and get prepared for the next game. Get ourselves in a good frame of mind and work at our game is what we did today.

On other lineup changes:

At this point we're going to consider everybody and we'll make a decision tomorrow before the pre-game skate as to whether we need to make changes up front or even on the back end and we'll make all of those decisions through tonight and before the pre-game skate tomorrow.

On cutting down penalties:

Have the puck more and defend moving our feet and not reaching with your stick.

On the cause of the penalties:

I'm not sure if it's laziness but we don't skate through — the closer we get to the guy the more we start to reach and once you stop your feet moving, he starts to get away on you, you reach, you take the hooks and the slashes and the trips so we have to make sure we are skating through our checks as opposed to reaching with our sticks.

On the goaltending:

They've been very consistent, they've been two of our most consistent players on the team. We've put them in some bad spots over the first 20 games and they've bailed us out lots of times. We're pleased with our goaltending, we have to play better in front of them to give them a better chance to be better.

On this season's play from Craig Anderson:

I think he is (what he was last year). Obviously his record and statistical data isn't what it was last year, but his preparation, his attention to detail, his positioning — those aren't issues we have. We play too much in our zone, we've taken too many penalties and that's put a lot of pressure on our goaltending. I think they've responded well.

On potentially splitting up the Turris line:

No, we did that the other day in Carolina during the other game just to see if we could get something and get a goal, but we're not going to change anything. We're going to try and be consistent if we can.

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