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Coach MacLean post-practice - 1.20.2014

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

The Sens are off to Washington today for a Tuesday tilt with the Capitals but, before they departed, Paul MacLean met with the media in Ottawa to share his thoughts on the team and games ahead.

Here's what he had to say...

On Bobby Ryan's practice absence:

He just needed another maintenance day. He'll be with us and he'll be available tomorrow.

On Mark Stone's practice injury:

He went in hard so I think we're going to have to leave him home to be evaluated at this point. We're going to leave him home today anyway, he may join us but until we get a further evaluation we'll see. In regards to if we need to bring somebody else, we have enough guys to play right now so we'll be patient with it but we want to make sure we get the right diagnosis.

On moving past Saturday:

I think you have to just move on. You can't do anything about that last one, we've gained points in a number of our previous games. That's the first one we've lost in regulation in quite a while and we have to get back on the horse and find a way to win another game and stay competitive. Right now it's not about the last one it's about the next one.

On getting back on the road:

I think we've played well. Even in the game the other night I thought they were quicker than we were but at the same time it was still a 1-1 game late in the third period. It's not like we were totally outplayed in the game, things could have gone our way just as easily as they went their way but we end up losing in regulation. We've been playing well since the first of December so it's reasonable for us to expect to continue to play well whether we're at home or on the road.

On an injury as a setback for Stone:

Well if it turns out to be something that's significant and he's out for a long time it could be. We can be disappointed for a little bit but we have a game to play tomorrow and right now he's not going to be in it.

On the success on the road:

I'm not sure if the fans make us nervous here at home but I'm not really sure. I think our game has been — since December we've been a much more patient team and a team that sticks to our structure much better than we did earlier in the season. Not turning over the puck all the time certainly helps you stay and be patient. I don't know if we're conducive to playing on the road but we just know that every game we go into we have to give ourselves a chance to win. We had a whole bunch of home games at the start of the year that we didn't get any points in and you pay for that in your schedule at some point in time. Right now we're playing lots of games on the road but the good part about that is we're playing well. If we can continue to pick up points on the road that's what we've got to do.

On the Tortorella incident:

Well you better know who you're going after is all I can say and know what you're doing. I don't really — John can be John.

On if he's ever gone after another coach:

Me? Absolutely not. I would never even one time think about doing that, it's too much work to get all the way around the rink so I'm going to just stay in my own place. I'd send the assistants before I'd go.

On the sense of urgency in January:

I think the blahs of January and February that you usually have in a season don't appear to be there this year. Everyone is very focused going in, every broadcast you listen to everyone is talking about before the Olympic break what you have to do. The whole league is focused and I think it makes for better hockey for everybody so I think that's the biggest thing is everyone wants to be in a better position coming out of the break.

On the success vs. Washington:

Why can't we beat Toronto? Why can't we beat Boston regularly but we have success against other teams? It's hard to explain. I know that it's always a challenge playing them and we look forward to it.

On mistakes made by defencemen:

I'm not sure if we let it go but we also know they make a lot of good plays and stuff is going to happen in the course of a game. We just try to make sure you learn from it.

On facing Ovechkin:

You try to contain him or hope to contain him. He's going to create opportunities on his own because he's such a big, strong guy. Just trying to contain him is the biggest part of it.

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